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It's Always Been My Least Favorite Day of the Week

Here's the deal: Erin isn't here this week. After almost two seasons of recapping a show whose idea of "action" consists of having a character walk from the refrigerator to the kitchen counter, I was desperate to try something different. So desperate, in fact, that, in an ironic twist given the upcoming episode's subject material, I buried Erin alive and took over her recapping duties. She will be back next week, provided that the ventilation system I installed in her coffin was working properly (I didn't have time to do a test run. Cross your fingers!). Also, I'll just say right now that I have not seen Kill Bill, Vol. 2, which apparently had a scene where the Bride was buried alive like Syd, so the golden opportunity to make comparisons between the two shall, sadly, slip through my fingers.

Havana! Trumpets play and colorfully-dressed ladies dance. One of them gets extra special camera attention. It's Sydney, not looking particularly Cuban, but trying her very hardest. It's conspicuous how little of her face we see in this scene, so I'm guessing that Jennifer Garner has a dance double. Syd salsas her way to a table of gentlemen and leads one of them to the floor. "You dance like an angel," he tells her en español. "Yet my feet touch the ground," el Syd responde. And then they get down to business: this guy is about to betray some folks, and Sydney is paying for his information with a cheap-looking tennis bracelet. Hey, some people are easily bought.

¡Bailamos! The guy tells Syd that his group is planning a large-scale attack on a civilian target. He doesn't know where, but there's a hard drive with all the information on it in a locker in Los Angeles, which Dixon is currently headed towards. He opens it according to the combination the guy gives to Syd, and takes the hard drive out. Mission accomplished, Syd clandestinely gives the guy her bracelet, and moves on to another dancer.

Welcome to Marshall's home life, which appears to totally suck. The baby is crying, the wife is nagging, and Marshall can't find his shoe. Carrie tells Marshall she thinks Mitch is sick, and can he hold him while she looks for a thermometer? Well, not really, because Sloane calls, all pissed off that Marshall is late for work. "Thank you Mr. Boss-Man," Marshall stutters, which is totally not suspicious. Fortunately, Carrie is too busy getting pissed off that her husband is leaving her with a sick kid to notice. Marshall says he's gotta go, and hands the baby off to her. Being a spy makes it easy to get out of annoying household chores!

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