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It's Always Been My Least Favorite Day of the Week

Vaughn reports that they have the bomb's location: Hong Kong. Why Hong Kong? Well, a group led by a guy who loves Taco Bell and KFC so much that he keeps emergency sporks in his desk just in case would probably not want to target anywhere with one of those fine eating establishments. Maybe Hong Kong is the last major city in the world without them. If this is true, I will never live in Hong Kong. A world without Burrito Supremes is a world I don't want to live in!

Back at Apple, Sloane reports that Hong Kong has recovered the bomb, and Ulrich's computer contained hundreds of Third Faction contacts in Europe and Asia, which APO will have to "confirm." Dixon arrives, his hands bandaged but otherwise looking fine, and takes a seat to get to work. Wow, he sure is dedicated. I burned my knuckle on the break room toaster oven once, and I used that injury to get out of typing for, like, two days.

It's raining in Los Angeles, which is pretty realistic, given that in the last three months, it rained here like every other day. Desert climate, my ass! Syd drops Marshall off at his house. Marshall wonders what he will tell Carrie about his change of clothes. Syd tells him to just say he has a change of clothes at the office. This is why Syd does the undercover missions and Marshall typically does not. "I hate lying to Carrie," Marshall says. Syd says Marshall could always tell her about how he cut a man's eyes out to save the world. Marshall says when you look at it that way, he'd rather keep it a secret. And, he clarifies, he didn't save the entire world, just Hong Kong. "You saved me," says Syd, implying that she is the world. Marshall invites her in for dinner, but Syd turns in him down. "I need to go wait at the train station," she says, "there's someone I need to see." "I know the feeling," says Marshall, "I'll see you tomorrow." Girl gets buried alive and no one even gives her a day off? That's not surprising, given Dixon's fast return to the job after spending time in the freaking ICU, but it sucks. Marshall walks to his house. Carrie greets him at the door with Mitch. Cute.

But it's not over yet! Vaughn finds Sydney at the train station. He gives her his hand and a smile. She takes it, and they dance. Why the train station? Well besides it being a reference to the first season, I'd have to guess that after spending all those hours in a tiny-ass coffin, Sydney wanted to hang out in the largest and most spacious building she could find.

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