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It's Always Been My Least Favorite Day of the Week

Dixon gives Technoguy some oxygen while Vaughn runs up with a yellow box full of syringes that apparently make you immune to nerve gas exposure. Suddenly, Dixon is starting to have breathing problems of his own. He staggers around and collapses. Weiss tries to help, but Vaughn tells him not to touch Dixon, who is now having a seizure. He and Nadia run up with syringes, and everyone injects themselves with them. Nadia's injection is especially dramatic, her arm loudly whipping through the air as she jams the needle into her leg. Chill, Nadia. Dixon's seizure subsides.

Syd finds herself on her knees in the middle of a graveyard. Her contact is right next to her, thinking about how that tennis bracelet was not worth this, even if it was pretty. The men from the club are there, and their apparent leader, the blond, angry-looking guy, speaks to the double-crosser in what I'm guessing is German. As Syd looks on, the guy begs for another chance until German pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head, thus rendering him incapable of speech. Because he's DEAD. Syd sighs, because, what else are you going to do? German addresses Sydney, saying that he doesn't care who she is or who she's working for, -- who, by the way, will have its hands full with that hard drive he rigged. "Crap!" says Sydney's facial expression. German tells Syd that he needs his men to see what he does to his enemies. Syd takes the bad-ass approach and calmly asks if German's demonstration would be helped if she started crying and begging for her life. German's not having any of that, though, and says that the guy he just shot in the face was his friend: "I have something much worse planned for you." Jennifer Garner's "oh…shit" face here is pretty awesome.

I love this theme song.

Jack and Sloane discuss the status of the Apple Store. The situation is under control, but according to procedure, they're under lockdown quarantine until they get the green light from the hazardous material team. Jack says that their computer system may also have been compromised by the exploding hard drive. Sloane says he'll have Marshall run a diagnostic. Where is Marshall, anyway?

He's pulling his Mini Cooper into the parking garage. The garage is totally empty, and yet Marshall does not apparently park as close to the door as he can. His phone rings, and it's Sloane telling him some about "lock protocol four alpha charlie." Marshall whips his laptop open, which starts up immediately, unlike my laptop, which is constantly getting stuck in sleep mode, and says that their firewall network is secure and they haven't been hacked. He asks what's going on. Sloane tells him about the nerve agent, and that no one can go in or out of the Apple Store.

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