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It's Always Been My Least Favorite Day of the Week

Nadia and Weiss run up and ask what is going on. Sloane says they were double-crossed. Nadia asks about Sydney. There's a pause as everyone realizes that they haven't heard from her in a while, and then Vaughn gives Syd a call.

In the darkness, a phone rings. Syd suddenly gasps for air, pulls her cell phone out of her pocket, and opens it. The light it casts takes us out of total blackness, but it's still pretty dark in there. Syd answers the phone, but Vaughn has already hung up. "One Missed Call," her cell phone screen says. Man, I hate it when I don't get to the cell phone in time, and then I have to wait for whoever to leave a message, and then listen to message and call him or her back. By the way, Syd's phone also says that she has four signal bars of reception and five battery bars remaining. And that Syd has a boring cell phone wallpaper. Personally, I have a picture of the fabulous Wonder Woman as mine. Syd uses the cell's back light to check out her surroundings. Basically, she's lying in a wooden box. Oh, and she's got company. He's not very social, however, seeing as he has been shot in the head. Syd starts to panic, and we see that she is, in fact, buried in the graveyard with the double-crosser. That wasn't very nice of those bad guys, although it was quite thrifty -- bury two for the price of one, use the savings to buy more nerve gas! Things look bad for Sydney, but good for anyone who wants to travel to Cuba and use his or her cell phone, which gets perfect reception even several feet underground.

The phone rings at Apple, and Syd's voice comes over the speakerphone. She tells them not to hook up that hard drive, but they tell her it's too late. Vaughn asks Syd where she is. "I'm not sure," says Syd, explaining that she was in a cemetery, got knocked out, and woke up in a coffin. That's supposed to be a coffin? It looks more like a shipping box. It doesn't even have, like, cushions like I thought coffins did. They could have at least put her in a coffin with cushions. Asking the inevitable question is Marshall, listening to the conversation from the parking garage: "Have you been buried?" "Yes!" whispers Syd. How does she know that? I mean, I'm sure she could take a pretty good educated guess about it, but it's not like she saw that revealing shot of a freshly-dug grave like we did. Jack tells Syd to stay calm. Weiss asks about her contact. "They shot him…he's…he's in the coffin with me," says Syd. "Ewwww," thinks Marshall. Nadia says something about sending some agents stationed in Cuba to get Syd, but Syd says that's a no go -- they're Black Ops, so only someone from the Apple Store can save her. Ain't no big thang, thinks Syd, knowing that hanging out in the coffin with the dead guy will be a bummer, but it'll work out when Vaughn comes to rescue her, all hot and sweaty from the digging. Back at the Apple Store, Nadia puts her head in her hands, and Vaughn explains that the Apple Store is quarantined. They can't even go to the Starbucks on the corner, let alone to Cuba. Sloane tells Syd that this should only last for another thirty-six hours. That's a lot of hours. Too many hours, in fact. Uh oh.

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