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It's Always Been My Least Favorite Day of the Week

But wait! Marshall jumps on the line and says he can do it; he's not in lockdown with everyone else, after all. He asks Syd how many bars she has on her cell phone. She has four. Marshall says that's great; he can rig something up that will trace Syd's phone's distinctive radio frequency. Why not just track the GPS? Or maybe they're the same thing. Although you'd think Marshall would have a pre-built GPS tracker and not need to make one when he gets to Cuba. Marshall tells Syd to stay off the phone to conserve the battery. Sloane tells Marshall there will be a passport and visa waiting for him at the airport. Jack tells Marshall that there is no margin for error, as Syd's oxygen supply is limited. No pressure there, Marsh. Marshall determinedly says he can do this, and his Mini Cooper tears out of the parking garage. Syd says she's hanging up now. Jack, Vaughn, and Nadia all look upset about this. Sad violins play. Syd sobs.

When we return from break, Syd's face is still partially lit by the phone. She cries, not at all the bad-ass she was earlier in the show, then tries to bite through her bonds. I'll forgive Syd for the little freak-out there, because being buried alive has got to suck. I'm not claustrophobic, but I had an MRI once and found the experience easily panic-inducing after about fifteen minutes. And there weren't even any dead bodies around.

Dixon lies in the newly-constructed Apple Store ICU, his arms all bandaged up. As for Technoguy, we will never know if he survived, unless we see him again in a future episode. Sloane tells the group that ten containers of cyclo-sarin were stolen a week ago, and the Apple Store was hit with only a drop of that. The Third Faction could take out an entire city with what they have. Sloane orders the group to check all their sources to find out where the target is. While Sloane is still talking, Nadia starts whispering to Vaughn about Syd. "LOOK AT ME!" shouts Sloane, and Nadia and Vaughn quickly look up at him, all guilty. That used to happen to me all the time in high school. I wonder if Nadia and Vaughn will get a three-hour detention. When he's sure that everyone at the table has his complete and full attention, Drama Queen Sloane says that Marshall is on his way to Cuba, and they will get Syd out. "Make no mistake," he says, "Third Faction wants us on our heels. They think they can bomb our operation, they think they can bury our agents alive and they think that will stop us. Well, they're wrong. We have a job to do. Get to work. For homework tonight, please read pages 45 through 67 and answer the questions at the end of the chapter. Full sentences, please." That last part might have been my high school memories again.

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