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It's Always Been My Least Favorite Day of the Week

Marshall appears to have traveled back to Cuba circa the 1950s, judging by these huge-ass boat cars everyone is driving. I knew APO had some very sophisticated gadgets, but I was not aware they had a time machine! This does not bode well for Syd. After all, everyone knows that "Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?" was a much harder game than "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" Do it, Rockapella! (And yes, I am aware that present-day Cuba may look exactly like this. But I like my time-traveling scenario better, so I'm sticking with it.) A fairly panicky (not that there's usually any other kind) Marshall throws his stuff down on a counter and asks the guy behind it if he has a screwdriver. The guy fires back some angry Spanish about how his store is not Marshall's personal workbench, and also, please stop making hand gestures at him. I hope no one ever takes this guy to a sign language spelling bee. "Okay, that can't be regular Spanish, that's way too fast," replies Marshall, who has apparently never watched Sabádo Gigante. An old lady behind the counter tells the store owner to let Marshall stay, because she enjoys watching him. Marshall says he's starting to feel freaked out, then asks store owner if he has a radio. Fortunately, "radio" in English is the same as "radio" in Spanish, thus temporarily removing that pesky language barrier, and the storeowner is happy to oblige Marshall. He walks off to get him a radio. Old Lady stares at Marshall. A chicken pecks loudly and rhythmically at the counter. Yes, there is a chicken sitting on the counter. ["It figures -- Erin takes a week off and they pick that episode to hand us both a huge hen shout-out." -- Sars] The storeowner returns with a radio from, like, the '40s. "Bueno," Marshall says.

Syd is still stuck in the coffin. She opens her cell phone and uses the back light to check out her surroundings again. If she's going to insist on draining her battery, she might as well play some games on her phone to pass the time. Hopefully, she downloaded Lemonade Tycoon or Mah Jongg, both of which promise to keep her entertained for hours. At least, they do for me when I'm stuck in airports. Maybe it's different when you're stuck in a coffin. Syd starts rifling through her dead companion's pockets, because if you're going to be trapped in a coffin with a dead guy, you might as well take advantage of it and steal his wallet and maybe make a couple extra dollars. Or she could take her bee-yoo-tiful bracelet back. Suddenly, Syd has an idea, and calls Vaughn. Vaughn puts her on speaker phone so all can listen. Syd, not sounding too good all of the sudden, says she has an idea: she can take a picture of the dead guy and send it to them, in the hopes of using it to get pictures of his companions. Wow. Third Faction managed to bury her alive with a working cell phone that has a camera? They are not going move upwards in the ranks of terrorist cells with that lack of attention to detail. Jack orders Syd to send the photo. Whoa, careful there, Syd: it can cost a lot to send a photo, depending on your cell phone plan. Is this really worth it? Apparently so, as Syd takes the picture and the Apple computers work to match it up. And then Syd starts repeating herself, because apparently one of the earliest symptoms of oxygen deprivation is that you get repetitive and boring. According to this, I know a lot of people who could use some more O2. Jack can't listen to this anymore, so he walks away. Wow, things are not going well if Jack is walking away from them.

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