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Belt it, cinch it, and kill me

Over at the library, Audrey grabs a book off of a shelf marked "Political Science," and then has a chance bumping-into with a crusty old professorial type with a vaguely British accent, who…ah, screw it. It's Earle. Hi. Duh. She tells him she's doing research on "civil disobedience." He introduces himself as a Doctor "Perkins," poetry professor, and Audrey tells him, "Someone sent me a poem. Maybe you know it." She grabs the poem sent to her by Earle (get it? GEDDIT?) and reads it to him. He takes over on the line, "What is all this sweet work worth, if thou kissed not me?" She celebrates, "You know it?" He takes his professorial pipe out of his mouth and muses, "Shelley." Eh? "Gazing at you, reciting the verse of Shelley, you look very much like a queen." Audrey laughs nervously and puts the poem away, finally skeeved by some creepy older guy's weirdo advances for the very first time this episode, or ever. Finally.

Double R again. Shelley walks to the counter to see Yoko Blackburn regarding a flyer for the ubiquitous Miss Twin Peaks pageant. Shelley asks if she's thinking of entering, and Yoko monotones back, "I think the real world is strange enough without getting up on stage and parading around in a bathing suit with heels." Shelley asks her how she's re-acclimating to society, and Yoko snipes in a bit of a non-sequitur fashion, "It's not like they kept us cooped up in an attic…every time I tell someone where I've been, they act like I'm out on parole." Looks like Ye Olde Chastity Vow is leading to just a bit of aggression there, eh, sister? Aren't you the one who just said, "I think the real world is strange enough"? Be a freakish, non-nun outcast or don't. Just pick one. Whichever one involves you, a weekend with Stella Adler, a tall glass of arsenic, and a big ol' nap. And then go away. Yoko then returns to commiserating about "this newfangled world" because she's Unfrozen Caveman Fallen Nun, confiding in Shelley, "Know what is weird? Being around men again." Just like in the regular world on Planet Feminina, where you never see any men, so of course you can get a little defensive when people equate a convent with being locked in an attic. Shut up, Yoko.

Andy slides down a rope in the middle of the police station and tells Lucy that he's going "spelunking." Lucy makes him promise to be careful before he slips to the floor and disappears because, well, quirky. Over in Truman's office, Cooper walks in, decked in his standard FBI-issue spelunking gear, an all-black suit with a light affixed to a hardhat. Truman tells Cooper that Pete dialed in his next chess move, which would expose a pawn but then expose Windom's bishop once he took the pawn. And that would be bad or something. Whatever. Check out the chessboard continuity from episode to episode. Even they don't seem to know.

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