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Episode Twenty-Three

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"Windom's Angels" just doesn't have the same ring to it

Inside his room at the Great Northern, Cooper's phone rings. It's Katherine, and Cooper repeats cogent portions of the conversation -- "She's here?" "Thomas Eckhardt's suite." "I see." -- before reaching into his bureau drawer and pulling out a gun. He walks down the hall toward the room and hears a Josie/Eckhardt scuffle going on behind the door. Then a pause. Then a gunshot. He bursts in to find Eckhardt is the one who has been shot by a gun filled with ketchup, I think, and he stares at Cooper for a minute before collapsing to the floor. Josie is kneeling on the bed, pointing a gun at Cooper and insisting, "He tried to kill me." Cooper wonders if that's what she'll say about him. And about Asian Man Killed!!! as well? Truman runs in, guns a-blazin' all ACTING when he yells "Put it down!" and Josie stares at him for just a moment before collapsing onto the bed. Truman runs over, but she's already dead. They lie for a moment, and as Cooper stares, the scene is washed in a spotlight and BOB -- of all people, really -- climbs onto the bed and shouts, "What happened to Josie?" He disappears and is replaced by Cooper's Mini-Me, doing a dance in the light. And then we're back to Truman, wailing over Josie's lifeless body as he realizes she'll never see a peaceful end to her inner turmoil or even her sweet sixteen. An agonizingly slow pan takes us over to the dresser drawer in the corner of Josie's room, and Josie appears inside of it and screams, as if trying to get out. Yup. I just wrote that. And I can't take it back.

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