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"Windom's Angels" just doesn't have the same ring to it

Speaking of which, Ms. Glatter saw fit to recall the very first shot of the entire series, that moment in the pilot which finds Josie staring into the mirror sitting on her desk. Andrew knocks and enters with two glasses of champagne, creating insta-backstory in telling us, "I assume you still have a taste for bubbly. We killed enough bottles in our time." He toasts from The Big Book Of Death Knell Sounding Fortune Cookies, offering the words, "To beginnings and endings, and the wisdom to know the difference," opting for that one instead of the slightly more literal, "You will soon be going on a long journey…TO HELL!" She takes a moment to apologize to him. He tells her, "I hated you at first." Word. I'm warming to this guy by the second. Except for the narrowing, reductive nature of the "at first" part, of course. Andrew surmises that Eckhardt arranged the whole thing and told Josie lies, lies, lies, yeah, about Andrew never being in love with her. Andrew tells her that "the police are closing in," and that she needs to see Eckhardt if she has any intent of escaping alive. He doesn't know that Andrew is alive, after all, and Eckhardt can smuggle her out of the country. Andrew leaves and Josie falls to her knees onto the wooden floor. Where I guess her future sees her taking a lot of vacations. The floor can be so lovely this time of year for the wood-dwellers and other assorted convenient plot resolutions.

Ah, crap. Donna stands alone in an extremely wide shot in the middle of an open field as James "Little Boy Blue" Hurley pulls up on his motorcycle, morose and introspective as ever, as Donna tells him, "I wanted us to go somewhere we'd never been before." She's set up a picnic. They sit down and she asks him how things went with the police. Conveniently wrapped up again, natch. She tells him she knows "about Evelyn." James assures her, "I wouldn't blame you if you hated me." Hmmm. Thanks, Professor Permission, but I think we were all doing just fine with that exact lifestyle choice without this specific invitation. Donna tells him that she knows what he was going through when he ditched town and that "Evelyn took advantage of that." He wants to "start over again," and Donna begs him to come back to Twin Peaks with her. He tells her he can't, asking, "But what about you?" She tells him he can't worry about her anymore, telling him to "go." Dude, if it were just that easy to send him packing, one of us probably would have thought of it by now, you think? Way too many false alarms. He tells her he'll come back. He promises. Oh, thank God. Do I have permission to get really incredibly excited about that too, Master of Delightful Expectations?

Truman shows up at the front door of the Packard house, begging Pete and Katherine to tell him where Josie's gone. Katherine offers up her best "Well, it's the darndest thing" routine, telling Truman, "It's rather odd. She took my car without saying a word." Pete tells Truman that he remembers something about the Great Northern, and Katherine gives up the information that Josie has gone to see "Eckhardt. Thomas Eckhardt." God, even the last name/first name/last name construction of his name asserts him painfully as James Bond's cheap, non-union counterpart. With the rented tuxedo and the cheap sunglasses and the fake foreign accent and the well vodka in his shaken martinis or maybe just a shriveled old green olive in a toothpick floating at the bottom of a bottle of St. Pauli Girl. Cut to the Great Northern elevator, where Eckhardt enters and demands, "Lobby." A man in sunglasses standing next to him (there are so many ill-disguised, agenda-free baddies in this episode I just don't know who to root for!) turns his way and asks, "Eckhardt?" It's Andrew. Do you care like I care? Or more? "More" is really the only other choice. Eckhardt smiles nervously and tells Andrew, "I don't believe in ghosts." Andrew pulls off a line I like, "You deserve haunting, for sure," and Eckhardt surmises in one word the reason for Andrew's continued non-death: "Josie!" Andrew fuels the lie that Josie knew he was alive all this time, and the elevator door opens in the lobby. Andrew bids him goodbye.

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