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Welcome Back, Danny
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Pilots can be clunky, and I think we're willing to be patient with that, but it has to at least make us buy into the world of the show. I'm not sure Twisted is quite there. From the very first moment, where we see eleven-year old Danny walk toward young Lacey and Jo, having just murdered his aunt, I'm not sold. It's supposed to make us ask, "Why would a kid do that?" and maybe even, "Why would he not show any emotion about it?" but it doesn't seem like the people in this world are asking those questions. They're just like, I guess that kid murdered his aunt with a jump rope.

But we won't analyze that moment too much because it was all a dream! A dream shared by older, much sexier Lacey and Jo. It's five years later and Jo wakes up from her dream to learn that Danny Desai is free from juvenile detention. They just let murderers out after five years. No parole officer or anything. Denise Richards simply picks them up at jail and isn't sad about her husband drowning in a yacht "accident." It totally wasn't an accident, right?

But I'm getting ahead of the show. At breakfast, aside from learning that Jo is mad at Danny for scarring her emotionally and sending her on a one-way train to Ostracize-ville just before puberty, we learn that Jo's dad is a police officer who still has time to drive his daughter to school. Also, Jo's family "doesn't have much money" and suggests perhaps she see a therapist again. At school, we learn that Jo is not cool, even though you could have fooled me. She is pretty and her hair is done and she dresses cool. She hangs out with a smart friend named Rico, who probably has a crush on her but will forever be in the friend zone until he learns to get some game.

Lacey and Jo are not friends anymore. Lacey is even prettier than Jo, and did whatever it took to be popular, probably by making fun of Jo and tweeting that Danny is "the socio." Lacey hangs out with the popular girls, Regina and Serita. No, this show couldn't be bothered to come up with another name for the most popular girl in school. That's what you get for watching Mean Girls while you're writing your pilot to learn what high schoolers talk like.

So as he arrives at his high school, Danny is labeled "the socio." Because sociopaths are so hot right now. I get it; I think everyone is a sociopath. I'd just never thought to shorten it. In spite of this, Regina has decided that Danny is the hot kind of murderer. She's a great role model, this one. She makes it her mission to sleep with Danny. He's got that eleven-year-old murderer hotness.

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