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Welcome Back, Danny

Danny keeps trying to talk to Jo and Lacey, but they are uncomfortable around him. I don't know if Danny is trying to pick up where they left off before he murdered his aunt or what. Jo and Lacey talk, also perhaps for the first time since the murder. Lacey asks Jo if she's still having the dreams and Jo lies and says no. Lacey invites Jo to Regina's house party, which is happening on a school night. Lacey has some dickbag boyfriend, who, if I know my murder shows, is definitely the murderer. He pushed Danny's dad off that boat for all we know. He's just got a murdery boyfriend face.

Danny and Jo both have Psychology 101 with Kathy Najimy next. Kathy Najimy sees that everyone in the class is looking at Danny, so she decides to go with a social media angle and discusses the term "sociopath." Does anyone know what a sociopath is? Jo does, and defines it for us. With Kathy Najimy's help, we learn that a sociopath feels nothing but mimics human emotions very well. Sociopaths are not usually murders because murdering requires too much effort. Danny isn't successfully mimicking any emotions, so he must not be one. Is that how that works?

At lunch, Regina invites Danny to her party and makes it clear that she wants to sleep with him. She's a slut and she ain't shy about it. Danny recognizes the red and gold necklace around Regina's neck. She says it's from a friend. Later, at the old diner where everybody goes to hang out, Danny sees Jo and Rico. Jo asks him why he killed his aunt and Danny says he can't tell her. This doesn't make sense to anyone, even the audience. It must be really mysterious, we are supposed to think.

Our other burning question will be resolved in this episode. Why would Danny and the Desai family stay in Green Grove? Wouldn't you move? Was it so that Mrs. Desai (Denise Richards) could flirt with Asian Principal Mr. Ting? Him telling her she's pretty is super inappropriate, by the way. Not that Mr. Ting gives a damn.

Outside the diner, Jo gives Danny her own sociopath litmus test. Danny is only decent at faking human emotion, or is it acting? Danny invites Jo to Regina's party. It is a mystery why either of them agrees to go, to them as well as us.

Regina is two things, no more, no less. She's a bitch and a slut. She drunkenly corners Jo and offers to pass Danny on after she has slept with him. The third girl in the group of mean girls is named Serita. Does it matter? Probably not. She is a bitch to Danny so he reminds her that she had electrolysis in fifth grade to remove unsightly body hair. He is comfortable talking to her like this because he is a confessed murderer and has nothing to lose.

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