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Aughh this show. I don't even care who killed Regina Crane yet. It doesn't seem like anyone on this show does, either. I've been watching The Killing lately, which is probably a bad idea because that show is actually good. Anyway, the murder investigation in The Killing is being handled differently than this one. This one is also different from the true crime investigations I watch on Investigation Discovery, but we are suspending our disbelief for now to live in the world of Green Grove.

Lacey, her douchebag boyfriend Archie, and Serita are all in a play about the dangers of underage drinking and driving. It's being directed by Phoebe, who is in the running to become the next girl murdered based on how pretty and bitchy she's being. Sobriety Awareness Day is in 48 hours and Phoebe needs to give this show life! She should not have cast these assholes, then.

Meanwhile, in the diner that is like The Max but with way less magic and fewer dance contests, Danny meets up with Jo and Rico to tell them about his therapy session. Then, they get back to their Nancy Drew aspirations by half-heartedly trying to solve Regina's murder. Like any other group project in high school, it could easily be dissolved by one person suggesting they work on it later. They agree that they don't really know Regina, so maybe they meet next week and everyone bring in their own research? They are doing about as much work as the real police, though. Oh, and the police chief is Jo's dad so she should definitely take advantage of that; he is certainly taking advantage of the fact that his daughter is friends with his primary suspect.

Danny makes fun of Jo and Rico's social lives, perhaps to motivate them to help him more? I don't know, they don't teach social skills in juvie. Then, Danny suggests they talk to Lacey, who still hates them mostly. He tries to get Jo to agree that it would be nice to have Lacey in their lives again but it's like, eww, move on, Danny. Some people have bothered to make new friends while you were in jail. Danny volunteers to be the leader of the Lacey project, while Jo and Rico keep focusing on real school.

From a conversation between Lacey and the very pale Archie, we learn that they had the choice of participating in this production of Phoebe's, or writing an essay on sobriety. Archie is excited to "spend more time with [his] hot girlfriend," even though she's nervous about that statement she needs to give Chief Masterson. Hey, remember how Archie wasn't at Regina's party? He was probably figuring out which black leather glove goes on which hand. He gets a little Lifetime Original Movie Boyfriend as he tells Lacey her alibi ("you went to the party and then went home, what more is there to say?"), but it's hard to say conclusively whether this guy is the murderer or just a regular old shithead.

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