Sleeping With the Frenemy

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Snarky Little Monsters

In the supermarket, Tess and Karen a.k.a. Denise Richards cross paths looking at steaks. Denise Richards's skin is so dewy, even at the grocery store! She will not be outdone by some homely pottery-making Masterson. Tess awkwardly thanks Denise Richards for the dinner and asks her for that pasta recipe. Denise Richards tells her, "buy pasta, boil water, put tomato sauce on it." What a stunning, snarky monster.

Finally, the soccer scene we've all been waiting for. The coach tells the team they're going to give Danny Desai a shot. Scott makes a comment about Danny being a killer and gets five laps. Archie is being his usual, aggressive self, calling Danny a freak and throwing the soccer ball at him. No, give us a montage, show!

Lacey and Jo run into each other outside a coffee shop and Lacey assures Jo she had nothing to do with the humiliating video that played at the assembly. Lacey's hot (and probably promiscuous) mom rolls in to tell Jo how much she's missed her and to invite her to Lacey's gal pal get-together. Lacey, for whatever reason, doesn't want Jo there. This makes Jo accept the offer. I don't know why people do the things they do on this show.

Rico and Jo go shopping together to issue the triumphant return of the off-brand Doritos to the show. It's a good thing Jo doesn't get those "Blue Ranch" chips because they could bring back useless memories for Lacey. Rico admires Jo's "girly" attitude toward snacks for "girls' night." Lacey insists she's only doing this for the investigation, and then suggests Danny and Rico hang out together at the diner. Jo selects candy corn, the worst snack ever. She's failing this party already.

Regina's mom stops by Lacey's house to give her some of Regina's things. That's weird. Regina's mom -- like the rest of Green Grove -- thinks Danny did it. Lacey's mom suggests that Lacey and Jo bury the hatchet.

Jesus that soccer montage took forever to get to. At long last, Danny bests Archie at soccer and it's only his first or second or third day. Danny is making friends on the team with some guy in a gray mock turtleneck. The coach decides to start Danny in the Big Game and Archie is like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa." Less of a montage and more of a lame scene. Hrmph.

Jo sorts through her clothes seeing if she can find something cool and girly enough to wear to Lacey's house. She selects a cat shirt that Phoebe thinks is a demon and Serita says looks like a fetus. All I want is for Jo to fit in and solve the murder and then for everybody to soccer montage.

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