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Out on the street, Betty is furious that Matt would lie to her, although I've noticed that Matt lies almost constantly. He always claims it's a joke when he's called on it, but seriously, his dialogue is an almost uninterrupted torrent of lies. For example, he now admits that not only did his mother never call Betty "the daughter I never had," his mother actually has a daughter. And then he immediately says that he doesn't have a sister. Just a joke! Ha ha? Anyway, Betty is angry that Matt didn't want to subject Betty to "the Victoria Hartley Taste Test," and Matt invites Betty to a party his mother's having on Friday. So in the last scene he thought his mother was out of town, but here he knows that she's having a party on Friday? With that out of the way, Matt and Betty pile into a taxi to get to the hockey game.

In Wilhelmina's place, pictures are being taken of furs and jewelry. Marc and Wili look on sadly, because she's selling her possessions. Marc considers this to be one step above going on a reality show. When she's asked if the lining of her sable is hand-stitched, Wili claims, "Oh, yes. By a seamstress from Paris whose great-great-grandfather was furrier to Napoleon." Upon interrogation by Marc, it is revealed that she's just making that up. Marc suggests that Wili just ask one of her rich friends for money, like The Donald, or Sumner, or Martha. I wish Sumner Redstone had hosted a reality show, because then I would have a clever joke here. But no dice. Wili doesn't want to owe anyone. The woman taking the pictures says that she would indeed like to purchase Wili's stuff, and assures her that she's very discreet. Marc goes into paroxysms of sorrow until Wili lets him wear the sable one last time.

Betty walks past Amanda's station, and Amanda is immediately all up in Betty's business about her "rich boyfriend" that she learned about by going through Betty's desk calendar. Amanda claims that when they roomed together, they shared everything, but Betty corrects her: Amanda shared everything, and some of it was weird. Amanda ignores this and assures Betty that she's going to go to the Golddigger Hall of Fame. Betty protests that she really likes Matt and she'd never do anything wrong, no, not Betty!

Wili tears up a flier for a showing for the House of Henri and tells someone on the phone that the show was tragic. That's just the setup for her 4:00 caviar and champagne break. Marc brings in a tray and then flees before Wili discovers that she's been brought almonds and seltzer. Marc blames the reduced office budget, and pretends to enjoy the almond she makes him eat. I can only assume the introduction of almonds will mean that someone will smell bitter almonds at some point, which will mean that someone is being poisoned with cyanide. That's how it always works in Agatha Christie novels; almonds foreshadow cyanide. Mark it down!

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Ugly Betty




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