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Not Everyone Has To Like You

Daniel is telling Betty that he's frustrated with Molly's reluctance to do what he thinks will keep her alive. She tells him, "She's just trying to give you the time she does have left." He wants more, but she counsels him that he should take what he can get.

And now, having dispensed sage advice, it is Betty's turn to receive some. She catches up with Claire in the elevator, who calls Victoria a rich bitch and tells Betty that Victoria Hartley will never warm up to her. "Oh, please, Betty! You're never going to win that woman over. Grow up, because not everyone's going to like you. You've just got to suck it up and embrace it." Boy, you're telling me? Again, right on. And that's a lesson that Betty in particular could benefit from.

Daniel returns to Molly's apartment, opens the window, gathers up some snow, and throws a snowball at her. He wants to go hiking and to the beach. He's on board with spending all their free time running around together. She seems pleased, and they go off to play in the snow. Um, not that there's been any snow in any of the other exterior shots in this episode.

In fact, Betty is walking down the sidewalk in the very next shot, and there's clearly no snow. People are wearing coats, though, so I guess it's possible there's snow somewhere. Betty's on the phone to Matt, who says he'll be right down. And she bumps into Victoria, who exposits that Matt's moving back into his apartment. Victoria won't apologize for who she is or what she thinks, and neither will Betty. Victoria: "What can I say? My judgments are severe. It's just the way I look at the world." Betty: "Well, I'm sorry for you. But I might be around for awhile." They have a staredown, and Victoria smiles and walks away. Yeah, yeah, she's secretly impressed with Betty' spunkiness. Matt runs up and they walk instead of taking a cab to wherever they're going. End of episode!

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