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A Nice Day For A Posh Wedding

And then it's Posh! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! She's on Fashion TV, primping and preening. Wili says to the TV, and to Marc, "All right with the posing and the waving. We all know you're strong enough to raise your arm." Wili's angry enough that Posh is stealing her thunder, and Posh makes things worse by telling interviewers that Wili's like a second mum. Marc tries to convince Wili that Posh means she's a second delicate flower, but Wili flips when Posh starts hawking the new Beckham 24/7 energy drink at the wedding interview. That's SO Posh! Marc reminds Wili that the only reason she's doing all of this is so she can destroy Mode and start her own mag, but she notes with frustration that even that's off track. Marc, ever faithful, tells her that once she takes over the whole company, the magazine will go down faster than a crack whore at a prison rodeo. Wili doesn't know what that means, but like Miss Jackson, seems pleased that it sounds nasty.

While Posh glamorously feeds the ducks at Central Park on TV, Betty confronts an angry Ignacio. She says that she loves Henry and has never felt this way before, but he tells her she's acting like a silly thirteen-year-old girl. He says Henry is going to leave, and Betty will have her heart broken, then tells her that she's never going to see Henry again. Betty says that she's twenty-three, and Ignacio can't tell her who she can date. He counters that he can if she lives in this house. Parental-disapproval confrontations are always so clichéd. Betty says that maybe she shouldn't be living in this house, and Ignacio points her to the door. If she's still living in her parents' house at the age of twenty-three, I think she knows where the door is.

As Fashion TV announces that Mayor Bloomberg gave Posh the key to the city, Betty starts packing. Hilda tries to calm her down, but Betty says that she's sick of being the responsible one, and she never even thought she'd get a chance of real love. Honey, just get a good waxer, and you'll turn that attitude around. Betty says this might be it for her, and asks if she doesn't deserve to do something a little crazy, just once. As Betty drags her suitcase down the stairs, Fashion TV announces that after Posh rang the opening bell, the Dow soared to an all-time high. Hee! I love the little Posh bits all through the episode. Hilda reminds Betty that Ignacio's citizenship ceremony is on Saturday, and Betty lets loose with the fact that it was all thanks to her. She confesses to Hilda that she made a dirty deal with Wili to get Ignacio back in the country, and that she betrayed Daniel in the process. An angry Betty warns Hilda not to tell, saying she doesn't want Ignacio to know she did anything for him. With that, we head to commercials.

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