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A Nice Day For A Posh Wedding

Meanwhile, Daniel is back at Wili's hotel, trying to get info out of Dwayne, who thinks Daniel's hitting on him. Daniel goes to pull out a blank check, then realizes he left his checkbook on his dresser. Classic. Wili comes out to witness this meeting of the minds. She tells Daniel that even if she were enjoying the company of this tall glass of chocolate milk, he has no proof. She snaps her fingers, and Dwayne follows her inside the suite. This leaves Daniel frustrated, and me wishing I had bought some Nestle Quik.

Back at the wedding, Marc laments the fact that Cliff is now the hottest guy in the room and he's not good enough. Amanda tells him that she likes Cliff's new suit, but in reality, he's only 15% hotter. She makes a solid point there. She can't believe that it's happened -- Marc is looking past the outside and seeing what's inside, and thus falling for an average man. Marc momentarily panics about being an average-man-lover, but Amanda tells him to accept it. He's deeper than he thinks, she says, but that's okay, because we all have flaws. Marc says he broke up with Cliff, and Amanda tells him to do something dramatic to show that fatty how much he cares. Or, he can just go talk to him. Marc gives Cliff a big hug, and Cliff, already used to Marc's dramatic side, reciprocates.

Meanwhile, it's a father and child reunion at the citizenship ceremony. Ignacio apologizes for saying such mean things, and Betty apologizes for not telling him about Henry. She admits that she's doing something stupid, and is going to fall apart when Henry leaves. She wants Ignacio to promise that he'll be there to pick her up. Ignacio says he's her father, and where else would he be? Oh, I just got a tear! I'm as bad as Hilda. Betty agrees to return home. Ignacio admits that Hilda told him how Betty got his citizenship approved, and says that she can't betray Daniel for him. Betty tells him that if she tells Daniel about Wili, Wili will do something to mess up his citizenship. Ignacio says he's American now, and to let her try. Huddled masses are yearning to breathe free left and right!

Elsewhere, Wili is ready to get her wedding over with. There's just one problem -- no one can find Posh anywhere. Wili says they'll just have to go on without her and sneaks a look at Dwayne, adding that she hopes Posh is all right. Posh, for her part, is locked in a closet. She yells something like, "'allo! H'anybody h'out there?" If she pounds too hard, she might have to go to 'ospital! "This really is major," she says, and with that we have the end of Posh. MORE POSH!

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