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A Nice Day For A Posh Wedding

And then, wedding! Wili marches down the aisle, and Bradford beams with Alexis by his side. Daniel watches from the crowd. The priest starts speaking, and Betty runs in, yelling, "I object!" The priest tells her they haven't gotten to that part yet. Betty gives a very Betty-like, "...Oh," as we head to commercials.

When we return, Betty has told Daniel all about Wili and Dwayne. He wants to know more details about how Betty found out, and she admits that she saw them...four months ago. She tries to explain that the reason she waited to tell him about it is really complicated, but Daniel only hears the sound of betrayal from the only person he thought he could trust. He asks how he can ever trust her again, and as she tries to explain again, he says he can't even look at her. He walks away, then turns around and adds, "You're fired." He is such a queen right now, but even more of an ass.

Bradford marches up the aisle and tells Bradford he needs to talk to him. Bradford goes off with Daniel, and Wili says she'll do her part while he's gone. The priest is having none of it. Wili tells Marc to do something, so Marc announces that they'll be treated to a musical selection from Amanda Sommers, daughter of Fey Sommers. Quincy Jones is in the fourth row, and Marc gives Amanda the instruction, "Sing, bitch!" Amanda starts with a lovely, "La la la la la." Marc motions for her to wind it up, which she takes as a sing to start singing Kelis's "Milkshake." Further proof that there's really no wrong time for that song.

In the hallway of truth, Bradford does not believe Daniel and says he'd do anything to poison Bradford and Wili's relationship. Daniel says he isn't making this up, and that Betty saw them together. Bradford asks why Betty isn't there telling him. And to that I say, HA! Ass queen. Daniel says he's the only one willing to be honest with Bradford, and asks him to at least consider the possibility. Bradford is not going to throw his relationship away based on a crazy accusation made by "some assistant." Daniel notes that Bradford is sweating, and conjectures that deep inside he knows this is wrong. Bradford says he's sweating because Daniel is driving his blood pressure up by the minute. Spoiler: Bradford is right. Daniel keeps at it, and Bradford tells him to get out of his way and heads back to the altar.

At the ceremony intermission, incidentally, Amanda appears to be a hit, and even has some organ accompaniment. Bradford returns, and the priest continues with the vows. However, his words are drowned out by the sound of Bradford's heart beating. He looks at Dwayne in the crowd, starts to look a little ashen, then collapses. And then, it's pandemonium! Daniel yells for someone to call 911, while Wili drops to her kneeds, pounds Bradford's chest repeatedly, and yells, "DON'T YOU DIE!" Alexis pulls her off, and Daniel tries to give Bradford CPR as Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah" begins. Bradford, it must be said, isn't looking so good. And the whole world, including the entire Suarez family, gets to see it on Fashion TV. All I can say is: Thank God it wasn't Posh.

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