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A Tree Grows In Guadalajara

Previously on Ugly Betty: Wilhelmina gave Marc the pleasure of decking her and putting her in a neck brace, then pinned the whole thing on Claire. It was all to get Bradford to file for divorce, and it worked. Alexis, meanwhile, is doubly set on revenge against Bradford and it sounds like she's going to have him taken out. An almost passed-out Henry told Betty that he loved her. Charlie, though she didn't hear that particular bit of information, nonetheless figured out that something was up between the two of them and told Betty to back off. Daniel's mentor in sex addiction gave him some wacky drugs from "overseas," which I'm sure is Step 2 in the Program. Amanda took up with a designer named Tavares who was pretending to be gay to get ahead. And meanwhile, the Suarez family dealt with the fact that Ignacio is being sent back to Mexico to get his visa.

We enter with Betty walking down the stairs of her house and yelling to the others that the taxi will be there in five minutes. She tries to lug her huge bag but goes flying down the stairs, then yells to her uninterested family, "I'm okay!" Justin comes down the stairs with a pink suitcase and notes that there is no worse time for a trip, given that he's understudying the lead in West Side Story. He says, "God forbid Joey Colano takes ill and I don't know my finger snaps for the rumble.'' Foreshadowing? Hey, a girl can dream. Betty tells him that they're only going to be in Mexico for a few days while Ignacio gets his visa. As a bonus, they're going to get to meet all their family members who are still there, and to practice their Spanish. Betty says something in Spanish, and Ignacio translates it to "I just ate your niece." They'll put anything in a quesadilla, I guess. Meanwhile, Hilda is on the phone with Santos, reminding him sternly that he's in charge of getting the reception hall. When she gets off the phone, she notes that she's given Santos one job, and he's pawning it off on her. Betty says that maybe they can find Hilda a wedding dress in Mexico, and Hilda starts freaking out about all the stuff she has to do. Ignacio really could have found a way to get deported at a better time. How selfish!

The phone rings, and Betty says they don't have time to answer it, so she puts it through to the answering machine. Turns out it's Henry. Squuuuuuuuueeeeeee! Henry messages that he knows she's nervous about flying, so he wanted to tell her that statistically, she's worse off driving to the airport than being on the plane. He then notes that if she's hearing him, it means she's still at home. So, really, no help. Hilda says that the whole thing is sweet but geeky. And I mean, Henry should open a store called Sweet N' Geeky. That sells, like, candies in the shape of Dungeons And Dragons characters. Hilda asks why Betty didn't pick up, and Betty says that Henry has a girlfriend, and Betty is done with him. If it were meant to be, it wouldn't be so hard. Now, where would John and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos be if they thought like that? Oh, wait. Betty deletes the message.

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