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Marc then announces to the whole crowd, "Open your eyes, people, he's straight. Straight as the crease on an old man's jeans!" No need to bring Bradford into this, I say. Wili looks annoyed, and says that this is her first public inning, which is interesting but perhaps not so relevant. Sebastian adds that the one thing the fashion industry is is tolerant. Unless you have love handles. "If you look like that, you're in," he says, and Tavares gives Marc a smug smirk. Wili crossly says that the only important thing is the design. With perfect timing Amanda comes out with multiple coconut-shell button shirts and jackets and says, "Well, then, should we start with some of his favorites?" And the win goes to the sad little hag! Well done!

Back at the blue house, there is more rocking and an apology from Betty for disturbing Yolanda and her attendant. She goes up to Yolanda to say goodbye, and suddenly the rocking stops. Yolanda looks at Betty and calls her Rosa, saying, "My daughter! You've come back!" In Spanish, of course. Betty starts to explain that she's not Rosa, but you know how those old demented people are. She'll have none of it. Yolanda apologizes for what she said last night, and says to Betty that she is her daughter and she will always love her. She thanks God for this second chance, then tells Betty that she's left behind a lot of clothes. That seems awfully practical for a heartfelt reunion replete with mistaken identity! Yolanda says that she was wrong, and tells her to go with Ignacio. She adds, "If you love someone, you must find a way to be with him. Even if you have to leave your family." Hmm, I wonder if this advice has any practical bearing on Betty's life? Just then, Ignacio enters. Mierta told him that Betty was there. He asks if Betty understood what Yolanda said. She did. Yolanda touches her face and says, "You are brave, my Rosa. Fight for the man you love." A teary Betty says that she will. Does this mean a throwdown with Charlie in a tub of pudding? Because I am all over that. Commercials.

When we return, Bradford is in his office looking sullen but more normal, thank God. Wili enters and tells him that he should have stayed longer at the party. He says that he was a fool to think that he could ever be Brad Meade again. And, may I add, a fool for thinking that Wili wants to get in his pants for reasons that aren't nefarious in nature. Wili says that she remembers Brad -- in fact, he ran Mode when she started. Every woman wanted him, but there was one woman who wasn't interested. That woman was Wilhelmina. So, basically, nothing has changed. Wili says that she thought Brad was a fool, but Brad grew into Bradford. So now he's a pretentious and pompous fool with a WASP-y name. And what's more attractive than that? Wili lies that he's a strong, wise, and sexy man. And the, the kicker: "A man who's ruined all other men for me." Oh my LORD is she laying it on thick. But Bradford is looooooving it. If he believes that line, then he deserves all the trials and pain that are coming his way. He signs the divorce papers and says, "Here's to starting over." Dude. Should have been nicer to the tranny.

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