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A Tree Grows In Guadalajara

Meanwhile, in Mexico, the hot waiter is rubbing Hilda's feet. Okay, that is so against code I don't even know where to start. Seriously, people, if you go to Mexico DO NOT EAT. Hilda starts complaining about the chaos of her wedding, and hot waiter says that it seems like all the signs are telling her not to get married. Hilda says that she doesn't believe in signs, and hot waiter says that it's too bad, because there was a reason that she was brought there to him. Hilda -- who knows that his name is actually Antonio -- says that she knows what he's doing. He asks if she can blame him, and then he asks why everything is so hard for her. Maybe it's because she hasn't yet learned about THE SECRET.

Just then, Betty comes running up and tells Hilda she found the house. And not only that -- she found their mother's wedding dress. Hilda loves it and says that's her sign. As she runs off to the car, Ignacio thanks Antonio for taking care of her. He introduces himself, and Antonio gets a funny look, and says, "It's very good to meet you, Ignacio Suarez." But he says it in a sinister way, not in a way that you're supposed to do so that you actually remember people's names. When Ignacio walks away, Antonio makes a phone call and says, "You'll never believe who's back in Mexico. Looks like you will finally have your revenge." This does not sound good.

Meanwhile, Daniel gets a knock on the door of his apartment. It's a big, scary-looking guy with a bottle of pills. Daniel says that he left his wallet in his bedroom and goes to get it. As he counts out his money, the scary thug and his thug friend enter and punch Daniel in the face. The hell?

Back at the office, Marc and Amanda raid the closet. Amanda covets a pair of pink shoes on a high shelf, and when Marc goes to get them for her, he grabs the hook. You know the hook. The one that opens Fey Sommers's secret love dungeon. Except this time, Amanda and Marc see it. It's real, says Amanda. But not in the way of the Easter Bunny or unicorns. Real-real.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Betty sees a bird land on a moped. "I'm going to fight for Henry," she tells Ignacio. If she doesn't, she'll regret it for the rest of her life. And Lord knows she'll never be able to get on a moped again, or engage in her favorite hobby of bird-watching. She says that she can't wait to get home. And then, Ignacio drops a bomb: the consulate denied his visa, which means that he has to stay in Mexico for he doesn't know how long. Oooh, that is pretty inconvenient, especially given that someone is about to burn his ass. Betty says that they'll all stay, and that she's not going home without him. Ignacio says that she has to, for her future. He left his family once, too. He tells her not to be afraid, because she's strong, just like her mother. Betty cries, and the bird flies.

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