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A Tree Grows In Guadalajara

Back at Mode, Daniel sees Jordan and practically tackles her, telling her that she looks amazing. He asks how bad it was with Alexis, and Jordan says that it's weird, but it's going to be okay. Daniel seems disappointed. Jordan tells him that she'd love to hang out, but she's off to bungee jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge for her Mode shoot. After a moment, Daniel says that he's going to do it too. Oh, great, all he needs is a rush of blood to the head. Jordan says that she thought his sport was women, and Daniel replies that he gets his kicks in other ways. To the balls, from said women. Jordan asks if this is going to bother Alexis, and a smirking Daniel says it probably will. Couldn't he at least get hooked on a drug that made him interesting?

Cut to the closet, where Christina enthusiastically says, "All right then, Mr. Meade, time to sell it!" She rushes over to a seated Wilhelmina and asks if she's sure he wouldn't rather have a suit. Wili says no suits, and that Christina must remember that they love anything the old fart puts on. He emerges, and Wili yells, "Ring-a-ding-ding! Who is that hottie?" Why, it's Mr. Midlife Crisis 2008! Bradford is wearing jeans, an orange shirt, and a leather jacket. Oh, and sunglasses atop his head. He checks himself out in the mirror and says he never thought he could wear leather. You know, if you encourage him in this, a leather Speedo isn't far behind. The jacket is a widely known gateway leather. Christina helpfully pulls down his pants a little, because no media mogul wants to be wearing mom jeans. Wili tells him that she'll see him tonight and calls him Brad, which makes him regard himself with the delusion of a man one-third his age. Christina asks if he's happy with the outfit, and he says very, but maybe they could do something a little more fun. Oh, disaster.

Back in Mexico, Mierta has had a pitcher full of punch and is getting the much desired loose lips. She tells Betty about her slutty aunt and fake-breasted cousin, but all Betty really wants to hear about is her mother's side of the family. Mierta says that she only knew Rosa's mother, Yolanda, and adds, "Forgive me for saying this, but that woman is a bitch." Yes, that's right, IS. A stunned Betty asks if Yolanda is still alive, and Mierta answers with a succinct "Crap," as we head to commercials.

When we return, Betty confronts Ignacio, who admits that Yolanda is alive. Betty is upset that he lied to her and Hilda, and kept them from the only connection that they have with their mother. Ignacio says that it was Rosa's idea, and that Yolanda hated him. He was a lowly cook, and it was better for her daughter to stay with a husband that beat her than to be with him. The night that they left, Yolanda told Rosa that if she walked out the door with Ignacio, she was dead to her. You know, horrible, dastardly parents really need to get a line other than, "You're dead to me." It's so played out. I think, "I'm coming to live in your spare room, and to pass judgment -- along with gas -- on you constantly, so stock up on the Ben Gay" would be much more effective. Rosa tried to be in contact with Yolanda by sending letters and pictures of Betty and Hilda, but they always came back unopened. She should have put some cash in the envelopes, so that when they came back, she at least could have been like, "My mother still hates me, but,,,hey! Money!" Vanessa comes to take Ignacio to his visa appointment. Betty tells Hilda that she wants to meet Yolanda. Hilda doesn't, and says she sounds like a monster. She asks why Betty wants to meet someone who doesn't want to meet her. Hey, Hilda? Don't make me try to feel bad for wanting to meet my future boyfriend Mr. Clooney, okay? I have my reasons.

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