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Betty wigs and wigs, and Amanda points out that they've managed to finally hit their target number. "High five!" she says, and then tells Betty they're going to have to dine and dash. "No! You can't just walk out on the bill, that's illegal." Once again, Amanda awesomely does the, "Is it? Is it really?" and Betty shuts her down. Betty massages her migraine until the waiter returns with a pitying look... And then comes up with a solution. That's my girl. "Can I talk to your manager?"

Molly comes into Daniel's office to A) needle him for backing out on their date, and B) to get his rich jerk money. She's ravenous and has a bit of his sweet-and-sour takeout, joking that if he really feels guilty for standing her up he should just write a bigger check. He tells her to use a fork, she laughs about how she's a master of chopsticks, and then immediately drops a piece of chicken on her white gown. "Damn," she growls hilariously, and then freaks out for a second deciding to just wear the stained dress as-is. "I'm a kindergarten teacher. I'm always covered in paint, paste and puke anyway." He drags her off to the closet so they can play Platonic dress-up.

Betty lays down the charm on the restaurant manager, introducing herself and Amanda as Mode profilers. The lady's dubious about Betty working at Mode, being that she's wearing a Conehead idea of what constitutes clothing, but Amanda assures her that Betty's in disguise. " is dedicated to celebrating the most hip, edgy, ahead-of-the curve things in New York City, and we'll be featuring you prominently this month." Betty confidently hands the check back to the manager, there's an absurdly long stress-silence with dripping beads of sweat and the battle of wills and the whole nine, and then the lady takes their check off their hands.

Outside, Amanda crows with wonder about how unbelievably awesome that was. And yes, it was. Betty's like, "And we're going to promote the heck out of them in our article for sure!" Amanda doesn't care, just tells Betty that she kicked ass, nearly mauling her in excitement. Betty asks to go home, and Amanda allows it because how do you top that, but then because they allowed themselves to be happy for one second, of course, Amanda's wallet turns up missing. Betty screams "NO!" in an awesome way, and starts yelling about the Euros, but there's more: Amanda, in an attempt to assuage Betty's irritation, took it upon herself to pay the creepy scary landlord on Betty's behalf, and now Betty's rent money has also been stolen. Betty begins to wig.

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