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And, we're back to the great paintball war of 2007. Amanda sneaks up on Nick and shoots him upwards of four times. He calls her a psycho, she calls him a dog-hater, he calls her hot when she's mad, she calls him hot when he's dead. The furious making out commences, and Alexis takes the opportunity to shoot Amanda. Amanda could give a rat, because paint from her ass is about to be all over someone's glass door.

Back at the club, Betty leaves an apologetic message for Henry. But, it turns out, Henry's on the dance floor. In a wifebeater. Actually dancing. He's dancing either kind of well, or Napoleon-Dynamite-well. The line is so thin these days. Betty's mind goes to slow motion and provides a soundtrack of "If You Don't Know Me By Now" as she gazes upon him. Henry gets a thunderous round of applause and goes to claim his woman. He apologizes for being jealous and acting like a jerk, but adds that he's never going to be like Gio, because getting his freak on doesn't come naturally. Au contraire, Señnor Grubstick. Betty doesn't want him to be Gio, or want to come to clubs, or want to eat ice cream off of his stomach. She just wants to be with him. And he wants to be with her. And they're both happy eating ice cream on the couch, out of a bowl. Gio and a tipsy Hilda ask if the two want another drink, but Henry says they're going home. Gio looks after them with longing as they exit. Hilda notices the way he's staring after Betty, and lets out a big sigh. Oh, like that has EVER happened before.

And then, it's the paintball showdown we've all been waiting for. Daniel versus Alexis. Alexis tries to do some fancy move on the table, but ends up falling on the floor, apparently hurt. Her gun flies off to the side. Daniel goes to see if she's okay, and she asks what he's waiting for, and tells him to take the shot. He stands over her, ready to shoot, but then lowers his weapon. He asks if it really matters who Bradford wanted to run Meade, and proposes that they run it together. Alexis says she'd like that, then stands up and gives him a big hug. While he's reveling in their familial embrace, Alexis reaches down, I believe to Daniel's own gun, and pulls the trigger. Daniel is shot. Well, there's the killer instinct Bradford was talking about. Alexis gets a really scary evil look on her face and, still hugging him, says that she let him win the treehouse because it didn't matter. But she's not letting him win this.

Back at Henry's apartment, Betty and Henry slow-dance and discuss their future movie nights. It's very sweet. We cut to Casa de Suarez, where Hilda and Gio come in for the night. Gio asks if she wants to go out again, and she declines. She had so much fun during the night, especially when Henry caught on fire, but she tells Gio that he really upped his game when Betty was around. She doesn't think she's the Suarez sister that he likes. I don't know, I think Gio and Hilda would be cute together. They're both entrepreneurs, after all. Gio gets a funny look, perhaps because he's so wee that Hilda's spectacular rack is at his eye level, and we head to commercials.

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