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Alexis and Claire have yet another really touching goodbye scene while some kind of sad Coldplay music plays, and as usual it's the most moving part of the episode. You could have an entire episode of these two women staring at each other mutely while weeping and it would still be the best thing ever. Seems like half of every episode actually has been that so far, and it's always fantastic. She nods at Daniel and heads for the helicopter.

In Queens, Justin rubs his mother's shoulder while she cries; her father brings in tea. Betty enters and kisses her father and hugs Hilda. Sorry you got burned by acting like a whore. They all cuddle up into a big Suarez pile on the couch, and Justin climbs on top. I'm going to need some quality Justin time next week, I'm sorry. It's been too long. At the helipad, Daniel finally runs to his sister and throws his arms around her; her eyes over his shoulder are joyous and sad, and she locks eyes with Claire again while Betty and Ignacio force-start the post-breakup overfeeding process. Daniel and Claire watch the helicopter take off, and Claire's stricken face is the saddest thing you've ever seen.

You've got Hilda, the mother, and Wili the fake mother, and Betty being everybody's mother and constantly missing her own mother and trying to replace her mother, and Amanda trying desperately to understand her own mother and find her own strength from that... I think probably any fashion story is a story about mothers and daughters. Makes sense. But the best of them all has always been Alexis and Claire. Alexis is the best thing about Claire; Claire is the best thing about Alexis. I didn't realize how sad her leaving the show was, until I thought about it that way.

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