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Cut to Wili, talking to a mysterious Dr. (Uncle) Remus about Renee's behavior over the past week. She wonders if Renee's medication isn't working anymore, or if she has possibly stopped taking her pills. Or if they've been replaced by fat burners courtesy of a whipped assistant. Dr. (Uncle) Remus tries to get a word in edgewise, but can't as Wili quickly asks what symptoms might indicate a backslide. Dr. (Uncle) Remus says that Renee has struggled with paranoia, coinciding with irrational jealous behavior. As he says this, we see Renee struggling with paranoia, coinciding with irrational jealous behavior, as she is on the phone with Betty. As well, says Dr. (Uncle) Remus, there may be mood swings. Oh, there are. This is usually followed by some sort of emotional crash, as evidenced by Renee crying on the phone with Betty. Wili wonders if there's a time that they might consider committing her poor sister. I say lock both of them in an abandoned 1920s asylum together and see who comes out alive.

Wili tells Marc, who is waiting outside of the building, that they have a lot of work to do. Dr. (Uncle) Remus won't commit Renee until she is a danger to herself and others. They both agree that they don't want anyone to get hurt, and want this over with as soon as possible. Thus, Wili wants to give Renee a little push onto the crazy train. She tells Marc to schedule lunch at La Brulee, then orders him to go keep an eye on her Scottish walking womb. When he balks she tells him not to pout, because he doesn't have the lips for it.

Back at Mode, Betty complains to Gio about Renee as he delivers the sandwiches. Henry walks by and Betty makes a quick exit. He notices Gio, and Betty quickly tries to change the subject. But Henry has a topic of his own he needs to bring up. Turns out Charlie had a panic attack at the airport, and her doctor is worried that it might bring on early labor. He doesn't want her to travel. Which means -- you got it -- she's staying in New York until the baby's born. After a split second, Betty puts on a plucky face before taking off. Effing Charlie.

At Hilda's Beautilities, a blinged-out Gina Gambarro is bragging about how she's now Mrs. Dr. Goldfarb. Apparently she's now loaded and clad in the finest designer labels. She and Hilda trade barbs. As it turns out, Hilda is a really good manicurist and Gina wants to come back later and have her do her feet. Is there any way to manicure on a bunion? Hilda is not pleased.

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