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The Flame Still Burns

And then Hilda's at Mode! She's raiding the closet, because she wants to stick it to Gina Gambarro. Or at least look good as she's pumicing her feet. Betty tries to convince Hilda that a loving son and family are more valuable than material goods and marrying for money. Hilda agrees, but still wants to make her jealous. When Betty is mildly judgey, Hilda is all, "Try telling your boyfriend and his baby mama how you're chatting it up with the sandwich guy who's totally in love with you, as evidenced by the extra pastrami." She leaves, and Christina calls. Christina has busted into Wili's files, because she wants to find evidence regarding Renee and the "m" word. And not the "m" word that you do in the privacy of your own bedroom or bathtub or seemingly empty stairwell or, if you really want to go there in a trench coat, a public library. Murder!

Suddenly, we are in the land of sandwiches. Yes, Henry is visiting Gio's deli. He tells Gio to stay away from Betty. He has four weeks with Betty, and doesn't need to hear that Gio is always around with his little crush. Gio doesn't know where he's getting this whole "crush" thing. Henry tells Gio to stay away from her and turns to go. And that's when Gio says he gets it -- Henry wants to fight. Allow me to assure you that Henry does not want to fight. But in Gio's neighborhood, he says, when a man says something like that, you fight. He tells Henry to take the first punch. Henry doesn't want to do it, but when Gio makes a punching motion, he does, and knocks Gio to the wall! Gio holds his nose and admits he was just trying to scare Henry. But as it happens, Henry can really throw a punch. As Gio holds a cold bottle to his nose, Henry admits that he's stuck trying to be a good boyfriend and a good father-to-be. He's scared he's going to lose Betty. Gio asks why, if Henry has four weeks with Betty, he's there wasting his time.

Gio calls Betty with the news of Henry's punch, but she dismisses him quickly since she's helping Christina to snoop. Turns out Wili has files on almost everyone -- including Madonna, Trent Lott, and George Clooney! And then a big file on Ryan Seacrest. Christina says, "I don't know why she's sitting on that. Someone should take him down." And how. But then Betty finds it -- a folder on "Rhonda Slater." Lest you forget, that's Renee's real name. Oh, Rhonda and Wanda. How much you've grown. They find an article entitled, "Stony Brook Professor Dies in Fire." Make that Professor Greg Larson! He died in a house fire, and arson was suspected. As Christina muses on the arson/Larson rhyme, Betty finds a lovey-looking photo of Renee and Larson. This is getting good!

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