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The Flame Still Burns

And it's about to get even better. Alexis has a brief tete-a-tete with none other than Nina Garcia, who confirms that Christian Siriano likes to make an entrance -- winning Project Runway has gone to his head. Hey, good to see that Nina is still getting some work, huh? Christina enters with a bevy of models behind him and says, "The House of Siriano has arrived. Worship me, bitches." Isn't it charming how at ease he is making a caricature of himself? Daniel tries to impress Christian with his use of the word "fierce," but Christian tells him it's over. Alexis steps in, and Christian calls her both "Ferocia" and a hot tranny mess, minus the mess. Truer words. Christian has his models walk, and Amanda tries unsuccessfully to get in on the action. And then Renee enters, demanding to know what's going on. Daniel is all, "I'm in a meeting, nutbag." But Renee demands to know if the models are his whores, and if Nina is his slut. Don't bore Nina, Renee. She says that she won't lose him without a fight. Christian thinks that works.

Back at Wili's, Christina and Betty discover commitment papers. But not for a gay wedding. Which, really, is kind of a twist on this show. They're for a mental institution -- turns out Renee was involuntary committed for six years.

Back at Mode, Daniel asks what Renee's doing. The answer: having a jealous fit. He tells her again that there are no other women. His cell phone rings and she grabs it and smashes on the ground. She exits yelling that there had better not be any other women, or she swears to God she'll kill him. This is why you wait two years before asking someone to move in with you. Nonetheless, Christian, saying that sometimes there's no other word, thinks she's fierce. Daniel picks up the phone and calls Wili. He acknowledges that she tried to warn him, and that he's now afraid that Renee might try to hurt someone. Wili whispers to Marc to call Dr. Remus -- Daniel might be able to help him get over his commitment issues.

Meanwhile, Christina and Betty are reading Renee's commitment papers and the words, "Paranoia! Jealousy! Anger! Pyromania!" stick out. NO CANDLES! They put it together that pyromaniac Renee murdered her boyfriend. This does not bode well for Daniel, does it? Although, I think another near-death experience might actually be good for him.

Betty calls Mode and tells Amanda she needs to talk to Daniel. Amanda gives her a hard time, per usual, but then tells her that Daniel went home after the huge fight he had with Renee in the middle of the Christian Siriano meeting. Everyone's talking about it, and even Amanda, who is all for an appropriate level of boyfriend stalking, thinks Renee's crazy. Betty rushes off to try to find Daniel.

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