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At Hilda's Beautilities, Hilda comes out in her borrowed designer wear, which as it turns out is a little flashy for Gina Gambarro's taste. Gina has Hilda take her Prada shoes to work on her toes and Hilda, knowing a Prada when she sees it, calls it out as a fake. And that's not all that's fake on Gina -- fake-ass hair, fake-ass clothes -- Hilda bets she isn't even married. Turns out she is -- to a chiropractor! Not even a real doctor, according to Hilda. Really? Should we be letting these people crack all of our spinal bits, then? But Dr. Chiropractor is a big Gina Gambarro lover, and as he walks her out he tells Hilda that if she gets her kicks out of making his wife feel bad, her life must be pretty sad. Right now, Hilda's life feels sad even to Hilda.

Okay, Dr. (Uncle) Remus' office! Dr. Remus explains that Renee has borderline personality disorder. Without medication, she'll fixate on a person and become extremely jealous if she thinks she's losing her hold on them. That can manifest itself in violence, particularly setting of fires. Daniel knows about Larson, though Dr. Remus. is not quick to call it murder. Daniel can't believe that Renee would want to kill him. Dr. Remus. says that technically Daniel is right. Renee focuses her anger on a "gatekeeper" -- someone she thinks is keeping her from her lover. Wili's all, "Whatever, lock the bitch up." But Dr. Remus continues. Turns out Renee was convinced that Larson's secretary was in love with him, so set a fire to try to trap her. That Larson got trapped in it was simply bad luck. As long as Renee isn't worried about another woman, says Dr. Remus, Daniel should be fine. Daniel gets the, "Oh, shit," look. Again.

Cut to Betty rushing to Daniel's place. The door opens. There are candles lit everywhere. Run, Betty, run! She calls out for Daniel, but it's Renee who emerges. She says she wanted to spend a special night with Daniel, but here Betty is once again, getting in between them. Betty looks pretty terrified. As you do when faced with a paranoid pyromaniac. Renee carries a lighter and says she isn't going to let Betty have Daniel. She sees how Betty looks at him, and how she talks to him. Betty says she talks to him like, "Hi Daniel! It's Betty!" With a concave amount of sexual overtones. Betty tries to explain that answering phones and making appointments is what assistants do, and as Renee chews on this Betty tries to make a break for it. Even with her sensible shoes, she can't outrun Renee. Renee yells that Daniel sleeps with his assistants, and angrily knocks over a candle. Betty is all, "Look at me! We are totally not doing it!" Plus, she has a boyfriend whom she loves. And she's only spending days and nights with Daniel because it's such a busy time. And because there are some things she doesn't want to talk to Henry about. Renee says that Betty is a liar. Betty starts to explain the whole Henry/Gio thing, presumably to put Renee to sleep. Her cell phone rings -- it's Daniel. Betty screams for help and says that she's at Daniel's place before Renee grabs the phone and hangs it up.

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