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Previously: while doing some bonding at a spa, Betty confessed to Claire that Daniel and Alexis were not getting along at all. Hilda and Santos had some words about Justin. Just when it looked like things were about to heat up between Betty and Henry, Henry dropped the bomb that his ex-girlfriend from Arizona had come to New York. Daniel and Alexis decided that it wouldn't kill them to work together. Daniel told Bradford that he wanted to believe that he was innocent, and Claire confessed to Betty that she killed Fey Sommers. What these people need is to go home, order some Chinese food, put on the Lifetime Movie Channel, and just chill for a while. These bitches are dramatic, man.

We open with a sleeping Betty. And you know how sometimes you see a person sleep and you say, "Oh, she looks like an angel!"? Well, this is not one of those times. Betty has some headgear on, and two curlers in her bangs. A voice calls her name, and Betty rolls over to find Claire, lounging on the bed in full evening regalia, with a martini. She says that she killed Fey Sommers, and will kill Betty too if she tells anyone, especially Daniel. She then asks for the vermouth. Betty starts, and wakes up. See, my work stress dreams involve, like, our publications editor calling me nonstop with edits for some stupid report. I've got to get a new job where people kill each other and stuff. Betty puts her head back on the pillow and hears another voice. She turns over to see Henry, who compliments her on her headgear. He totally would, too. He asks if Betty's met his girlfriend, and points to the other side of the bed, where a whorish cross between Alexis and Amanda is lounging in a red negligee. Henry and the girlfriend start making out right over Betty. Henry turns to Betty and says it's too bad that it didn't work out between them. Then he adds, "Eh. Claire Meade's going to kill you anyway." Betty wakes up -- for real this time -- and looks at the clock. It's 11:11. Damn, what time does this chick go to bed? She says that it's going to be a long night. What I would wish for in this case is barbiturates.

Then, it is a snowy morning in New York. Alexis and Daniel do some jovial bickering on the elevator. Alexis asks Daniel if he's going to be at the ad sales meeting that morning, and he replies that it might be awkward with both of them sitting at the table. Alexis says that they're both in charge, and that it will only be awkward if Daniel is still shoving grapes up his nose. There could be one lodged up there from 1983, which would explain a lot of things. Alexis fixes Daniel's collar, and he thanks her. Wilhelmina sees all of this and gives them both her patented death glare.

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Ugly Betty




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