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Cut to Justin on stage, singing "Something's Coming." Hilda sits proudly in the audience with an empty seat beside her. We continue to hear Justin singing as we cut to the masked thief taking money out of the cash register at the convenience store as Santos and the clerk look on.

We then see Claire and Yoga, chained together, making their way through...a path in the forest? Seriously?

We cut back to Justin for a moment, then to Alexis and Daniel both unconscious and/or dead in their smashed-up car, with drips of blood on various parts of their faces. At least they didn't careen down a mountain, right? I mean, I know they're in New York City, but still. There's hope.

And then...nooooooooo! Sigh. Okay, pull yourself together, Potes. We are back in the convenience store. The masked thief is making the clerk open the safe as Santos looks on. He yells at the clerk to hurry up, then hits him in the head with the gun. Santos yells, "Don't hurt him," and grabs the thief from behind. The thief wrests himself away from Santos, then points a gun at him. There is a long pause. And then, he fires. At the same time, Justin, as Tony, is dying.

We cut to the Suarez house. Betty is rushing, getting ready to go to the airport. She hears a knock, and, thinking it's her cab, opens the door. Two police officers are there, looking for Hilda. Betty gets a worried look.

Meanwhile, Henry's plane is about to take off. Charlie sits next to him. She puts her hand on top of his, looks at him, and smiles. Henry just looks sad. If only he knew what was happening back in Queens.

And then, heartbreak. As Justin is acting Tony's death scene, Betty arrives at the auditorium. She has someone get Hilda from the crowd. When Hilda looks at Betty, she knows something is wrong. The two women exit into the hallway. We don't hear what Betty says to Hilda. Instead, the strains of "Somewhere" are sung by Justin's co-star as Hilda screams, "No," over and over and collapses onto the floor, crying. Betty embraces her, I cry a little, and as we hear, "Somehow, someday, somewhere," the camera fades to black.

And I mean...fuck. What happened to, like, funny eyebrow jokes? In any case, I can't wait for Season Two! Thanks for reading, all, and have a great summer!

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