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When we return, we are in the office of Dr. Farkas. Or should I say Dr. Fu...well, let's save that one for later, shall we? Betty tells perky dental hygienist (and special guest star!) Kristin Chenoweth that she's just there for a cleaning -- she has a date with a guy she's crazy about, and she wants her teeth to sparkle. Kristin Chenoweth -- a.k.a. Diane -- says that it's so romantic, just like when Julia Roberts flossed before whoring herself in Pretty Woman. She adds that it's a great movie, with an important message. Be the prettiest prostitute on the block and you'll end up happy? I don't see how this helps Betty.

This touching moment is interrupted when a trollish -- and, frankly, Betty-esque -- dental hygienist says that Betty just had a cleaning two months ago, so her insurance won't pay for it. Diane says, "Rinse and spit, Angelica, just put it through!" As it turns out, the actress playing this role is Angelica Vale, who also plays the protagonist, Lety, in La Fea Mas Bella, the Mexican version of Ugly Betty. So if Kristin Chenoweth left and Charlize Theron entered, we could have a "Pretty Actresses Playing Ugly" convention. Diane asks where Angelica's sense of romance is, and says that Betty's doing this for the man she loves. She suggests that they give Betty pink rubber bands, which Betty says would be fun. Angelica counters that dentistry is not about fun. Not according to Hermey the Elf! He's willing to give up a workshop full of toys just for the privilege of scraping someone's molar. Angelica says that Diane thinks she can break the rules because she's pretty and blonde, and Diane says that she's just jealous that they had a nitrous party the other night and didn't invite her. Angelica pops back to say that was unethical and costly, and Diane yells, "Back to your cave, Shrek!" Awww, every workplace is just like Mode.

Diane tells Betty to believe in the magic, and says that she's totally Bridget Jones. Even if she's only talking about the first movie, I don't think I'd take a Zellweger comparison too well if I were Betty. Shudder. Diane notices a cavity and tells Betty that they can take care of it right away. Betty says no. She'll come back tomorrow, but she doesn't want the Novocain today. If her lips tingle tonight, she wants it to be because of Henry. Diane says that Betty is such a chick flick. Which she is, and which is why we all love this show. Well, that and Wili, Marc, and Amanda.

Meanwhile, Hilda and Santos are bickering about flowers and other sorts of wedding details. Justin enters and asks Hilda to run West Side Story lines with him, in case something bad should happen to Joey Colano and he has to go on as Tony. But Hilda is freaking out about the wedding. Santos asks Justin, who will be his best man, if he doesn't want to help with what they're doing, and Justin says he told Hilda if she went with green organza for the bridesmaids, she was on her own. Hilda says that she was thinking they should have the wedding at Our Lady Of Guadalupe, next to the gas station. And she wants someone named Fat Louie to DJ. Maybe it's a relative?

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