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Back at Casa de Suarez, Betty is on the phone with Ignacio, asking for cooking advice. Okay, I'm the whitest whitey from the shores of White Plains, and even I can make a quesadilla. She says that it's her first date with Henry, and she wants it to be perfect. Ignacio remembers his first date with Betty's mother. The dinner she prepared tasted like shoe leather, but he didn't care because she made it. He tells Betty that she has nothing to prove, because Henry already loves her. Awwww. Betty misses Ignacio. He says he'll be home before she knows it, and that she should remember the most important thing -- the take-out menus are on top of the fridge. The two say "I love you" to one another and get off the phone.

And then, there is a ring of the doorbell. A happy Betty does not realize that it is the Ring Of Doom. And no, Bradford didn't design this one. This one is all Charlie's. Betty asks what Charlie is doing there, and Charlie angrily says that she tried Henry at the office, but the receptionist told her he'd be at Betty's. Oooh, Amanda must have loved fielding that call. Betty, who is put off, says that she's just making him dinner. And then, Charlie drops it like it's hot as a habanero. She says, "Oh really? Well I have something in the oven, too. I'm pregnant." Again...noooooooooooooooooo! And also, cheap. Commercials.

When we return, Betty is in shock. Charlie says that she's leaving for Tucson tomorrow and thought Henry should know as soon as possible. And ruining Betty and Henry's date was a nice bonus. And then, Henry shows up with a bouquet of gerbera daisies. It would be sweet, would that he had not just knocked up some other chick. Henry asks Charlie what she's doing there, and she asks if they can go outside and talk. Betty tells Henry that he should talk to her, and Charlie gets a little smug, self-satisfied kind of look. Betty has the look of someone whose life has just been ruined. Which, kind of. Just one more reason why it sucks to be Betty!

The next morning, Hilda plays with bride and groom piñatas. They make me kind of miss the giant Barbie head. Justin comes running down the stairs, shrieking that he's Tony -- Joey Colano woke up this morning totally covered in hives. Hilda expresses sympathy, and Justin says that Joey must have gotten an allergic reaction to the walnuts he ate. Hilda asks why, if he were allergic to walnuts, he'd eat them, and Justin says, "It's not my fault that he wanted to trade sandwiches." Hilda says she didn't put walnuts in his chicken salad, and Justin says that he might have, since Rachel Ray says it adds a little crunch. Ah, the perky face of evil. Justin asks what's with the third degree, and says that Hilda should be happy, because her son is Tony. As someone who's deathly allergic to walnuts, I have to posit here that, as much as I like Justin, karma is going to come at him with a bee sting to the ass and no Epi-pen in sight. To all the kids out there: do NOT mess with food allergies.

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