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Betty is none too impressed watching the latest Player photo shoot: Player-type models dressed as lawyers and a judge shooting sexy jurisprudence and abdominal muscles all over the place. She mentions to Daniel that perhaps this is a diversion from her suggestion that Player show women in "a more professional light." I like Player as a Mode for Daniel's less amazing qualities and I'm bummed that we're ending that period, but I have no idea where this whole Editor-In-Chief shuffle is headed, besides Christina's uterus, so I'm not worried about it.

However, what I am worried about is Betty's brain, because so far she has made two suggestions: cancerous lesbians on motorcycles and successful women lawyers. I mean, if it's your job wouldn't you pick up an issue or two and discern why those are stupid ideas? The beauty of the "natch" thing last year, rewriting Betty's earnestness in pseudo-hip lingo of the young people, was that it wasn't necessary. This is like doing that same story, only Betty is incapable of understanding her magazine or its readership. ...Which thing was her triumph at the end of last week: understanding that men are deeply stupid, and will pay money for the opportunity to look at stupid things plus boobs. "Does it always have to be women in bras?" she asks, as a case-in-point, but like: yeah. Yeah, it does. Daniel tells the models amicably to lose their neon pink bras, and they all throw them in Betty's face. But like, what happens when Betty starts working for Equestrian Monthly? Bitching constantly about all the horses on every page?

Really, Daniel just doesn't want Betty to see what he's surreptitiously working on, which is marking up the galley of Wilhelmina's first issue of Mode. I love that Daniel is so ADD that his only refuge from doing his new job is doing his old job. Betty screams, vindicated, that she knew he secretly wished he were still at Mode, and he says he was just suspicious about what Wili's up to. "You know what she's up to! Firing! Scheming! Kicking puppies!" Daniel swears he's happy to be out of that atmosphere, but that doesn't stop Betty from being ebullient about his backsliding into gayness.

Betty brings the book straight to Alexis and shows her all of Daniel's really good notes, and Alexis is unreceptive on many levels of course, but mostly just says it's because Daniel's critical on account of jealousy. Betty swears that it's because he loves Mode and is good at Mode and takes Mode seriously, and Alexis is finally like, "I can't have this conversation with you without acknowledging my serious compromises and betrayals, so: thanks for your loyalty to us all, but Daniel simply doesn't work at Mode anymore." Which is valid. Of course Betty slumps off, and of course Alexis immediately is impressed by Daniel's notes on the book. Wouldn't it be weird if Alexis suddenly switched allegiances back to her family? It's always such a shock when she does that in every other episode.

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