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'Til We Have Prada

"You think life is all about who's right and who's wrong, but history is written by those who win, not by those who were the nicest." True, and I've always loved best about Prada the fact that Miranda had a point, and presented both paths as viable options: you swim with sharks, or you don't. But here, Wili's just ... wrong, and there's no room for the subtleties of those choices, because the world of the show -- which I love -- is all day-glo candyfloss, and wildly extreme, and you can't say that Wilhelmina's life has value, because it doesn't. She's a supervillain. It's like Cruella De Vil telling you you're being naïve: what else is she going to say? Anyway, Betty makes a classy and wonderful Betty-type exit ("Enjoy your party") but runs into Claire, who tells her to stay put, because it's about to get awesome. And at the door? Alexis and Daniel. Awesome!

Tired of standing around outside the restaurant, Hilda finally calls Tony, who answers in "I am with my wife who is standing right here" code, but it takes forever for her to figure it out, and even longer to remember that she's totally being played for a fool.

Daniel and Alexis whirl around and around Wilhelmina like scary snakes, taking potshots at her editrix style, calling it "cold" and pointing out that -- even if her "specific vision" wasn't something Alexis was going to grasp -- it was too subtle for everybody else too. Her relaunch issue is one of the lowest sellers in months, and she's getting bumped back down to Creative Director so that Daniel can come back in as EIC. Claire, Alexis and Daniel get right the fuck up in her face and it is amazing. Betty whispers to Mark that she knows he set up everything, the letters and whatnot, to get back with Wili, and he says he would never do anything against Wilhelmina's interests ... Unless they were going against his own. They both grin kind of affectionately away from each other and take sips of champagne; Betty's is white, and his is black. She's impressed with his style.

It's not Wili that owns a third of the business, but her spooky baby. Claire goes a little Clairiffic and knocks over an ice sculpture, daring Wili to threaten her children ever again: "You have no idea of the lengths I'll go to protect them."

Man, I'm glad that ice sculpture wasn't carrying a demon heir to the Meade fortune!

Daniel grabs Betty and thanks her for her faith in him; she plays it off of course because that's what friends are for. Of course, he needs to know she's coming back to him yet again, and she needles him about the raise Wili gave her. It's more like, "Look how cute" than actually cute, but then there's nothing more comforting than status quo, which is right back where we're at.

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