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Betty tosses a big bag of fan mail onto Daniel's desk and tells him he's wasting both time and talent at Player. Mode is the flagship of his family's company, and he was good at it. In fact, there is tons of mail supporting that very concept: the bags are full of fan mail and letters to the editor about how great Daniel's Mode was. Apparently Wili was having them hidden, including positive letters about Daniel's June cover ("a pimple on the butt of fashion," Wili apparently called it, even though she would never say anything like that and nobody actually would say that) and the whole Normal Woman segment that Normal Women love so much when they're not getting rocks thrown at them for being Normal.

Betty tells him to show Alexis the letters, and Daniel says she doesn't even care about him. Betty can't deny that, but they both know she cares about Mode. Daniel finally breaks down and explains his behavior: he really appreciates Betty's nagging, and of course he yearns to be back at Mode, which is why he screamed at her, because she reminds him of how great it was at Mode every day she's around. But at the end of the day Wili won, and he lost, and it's over. "Anything you truly want has to be worth fighting for," Betty platitudes with tears in her eyes, and he hopefully starts reading those damn letters in order to turn his excitement back on. That's what I would do.

Christina yells at Stuart about the lab results, which included oxy and heroin; she compares him to the "spawn" of Rush Limbaugh and Amy Winehouse, had they ever "fornicated." That's so weird it's not even gross to think about. Stuart, of course, is incensed that she tested him for drugs, and she threatens to call INS, and he doesn't believe her, but she tells him she will, and he pushes over a mannequin and leaves all scary.

Man, I'm glad that mannequin isn't carrying a stupid frozen-sperm baby of evil. A fall like that could really complicate things.

DJ plays one of those rockin' music video games the kids are into these days while Daniel reads his fan mail, and finally Daniel has read enough positive letters that he gets just enough self-esteem back to pop the question to DJ about staying in America. DJ thinks about it for like two seconds and says of course he would rather stay in America, where there are vastly fewer French people than in France itself. Daniel picks up a Guitar Hero guitar, having settled it.

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