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Four Thanksgivings And A Funeral

Back at Bradford's brunch, Hunter is showing off yet another skill, which is that of chiropractor. He nearly twists the Tech Wiz editor's head clean off, causing his neck pain to vanish. Daniel's about to do the same, as he throws his napkin down on his plate and gets ready to pout on out of there. Salma tells Hunter that they should go dancing now, but Hunter balks: "You know I can't dance." And suddenly Daniel's not going anywhere. "I can dance," he volunteers. "I'm good at dancing. I love dancing. I think the three of us should go dancing." Salma loves the idea, and it looks like a reluctant Hunter is overruled.

Leah the Lawyer is on her way out of Casa Suarez. At the front door, she tells Hilda and Ignacio, "If you need me, I'll be eating a turkey sandwich at my office, getting your papers ready to file for your Green Card." Hilda hands over the envelope as Leah boasts, "I have never lost a single case yet." That's too much for Betty, who bounds up from her spot on the sofa next to Walter and gets right up in Leah's face -- or, more accurately, her collarbone -- as she brings up Donna from earlier. Hilda's mortified by this outburst, but Betty won't let it drop. Until Leah smoothly explains that she quit that case when she realized that Donna was an alcoholic who was endangering her children, and that the money she took was only enough to cover the cost of filing the papers. Embarrassed, Betty whispers that she didn't know that, and galumphs off with a whispered apology. Leah tries to give the envelope back to Hilda and Ignacio, saying that maybe they should find a lawyer Betty's more comfortable with. But Ignacio and Hilda are so frantic to smooth things over with Leah that they invite her to come back for dinner later. Leah smiles, tucks the envelope in her purse, and accepts. Good to know we'll be seeing her again soon.

In his den, Bradford dials his cell phone and says, "Meet me at the cemetery tonight. I'm going to find out if she's alive, one way or the other." That's the kind of line that sounds bad-ass, but then you realize it doesn't make any sense. Bradford only knows one way of doing thing anyway.

That evening, the Suarez clan is arranged around the beautifully set table. Counterclockwise from the foot, we have Hilda, Santos, Justin, Christina, Ignacio at the head, Betty at his right, then Walter, and then Leah's empty chair. Which would probably explain why everyone's so quiet. "And here was me, afraid that spending the holiday alone with my cat was gonna be depressing," Christina whispers to Justin. Ignacio says that it's almost 7, but Hilda's still in denial, waiting for Leah, and refusing to let anyone start eating until she shows. Betty's cell phone rings, and she gets up from the table to take Daniel's call. "Why would you tell her you can dance if you can't dance?" she asks, heading to the other room. I have a theory: he's stupid.

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