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Four Thanksgivings And A Funeral

All this talk about time finally gives Betty the gumption to go into Daniel's office and ask if she can take off for the holiday like everyone else has. Daniel distractedly gives her leave to go, but she can't seem to achieve escape velocity from the black hole of need that Daniel's infatuation with Salma has caused him to become. He's wondering if Salma has been seen or heard from today, and then acts like he doesn't care, since she's got a boyfriend anyway. He wonders why Salma never said anything about said boyfriend: "I mean, you're always going on and on about that guy Wilbur, right?" Betty corrects him on the name, and then unwisely comes back to ask Daniel if he's all right. He's not, of course, and goes into a rant about how he's spent the day waiting by the phone and compulsively checking his email: "It's like I'm this close to splitting a Cobb salad with Sarah Jessica Parker and talking about shoes." Betty just looks at him sadly, and finally wavers, "I really miss that show." Oh, like she's not just now catching it for the first time on TBS reruns. Betty's a better dresser than Carrie Bradshaw most of the time anyway. ["The same crazy bitch picks out both girls' clothes, though." -- Wing Chun]

Marc tells Amanda that his current holiday plans are to go to Schenectady and lie to his parents about his Canadian girlfriend over "cranberry sauce in the shape of a can." Amanda's counteroffer? The two of them come back to the office tomorrow and watch the parade from Wil's office window. "You mean try on couture gowns and Xerox our naughty bits?" Marc asks. He's all over it, because why spend another Thanksgiving in the closet when he can spend it in the Closet?

Christina's working on Wil's alterations, and suggesting a cuffed sleeve for the jacket. "You wanna live my life, pay my bills," Wil retorts, rather unnecessarily. Marc comes in to deliver Wil's final messages for the day, the last of which is that Nico has decided at the last minute to come to town for Thanksgiving. He tries to duck out after dropping that bomb, but Wil turns on him, upset because she's got a Versace party to go to. "It's a work obligation," she complains. "I can't shirk my responsibilities, sit home, and have A Very Brady Thanksgiving." Marc says nothing, and Wil demands to know what's up with the judgmental look he's giving her. "You're going to cuff that, right?" he says. Christina loudly clears her throat, rather unnecessarily.

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