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Four Thanksgivings And A Funeral

Betty's making another attempt to leave, reminding a flat-on-his-couch Daniel that he's got his dad's brunch tomorrow in the executive dining room. Daniel moans that he'll pass. Betty zips herself up into a hideous, sky-blue, three-quarter-length down parka. Yikes. "Slimming!" Marc quips as he randomly passes outside the door. "Thanks, Marc," Betty chirps wearily. No easy feat, that. She tells Daniel that he can't blow off his family for the holiday, and he says that it's not just a family thing; it's all of Meade Publishing's editors, who'll be sucking up to Bradford the whole time while Daniel's mom sucks the alcohol out of stolen martini olives. Enter Salma. Took her long enough. At the sight of her, Daniel straightens up and ushers Betty out, like she hasn't been trying to get out of there for hours. I'm not sure what Salma's doing there, and apparently neither is she, as she pauses awkwardly before asking, "What's new?" Daniel just says that he met this girl and found out she had a boyfriend. "She sounds like a bitch," Salma deadpans. Daniel doesn't even smile. Way to play it cool. She apologizes, and says she just wants to be friends with Daniel now. Daniel, having gotten over his brief attack of spine, says that he'd like that. She crosses for a hug, which lasts kind of a while. Daniel starts smelling her hair and sliding his hands down her back until she pulls away, saying, "Friends' hands don't go that low." Now someone tells me. This explains a lot. She says she'll see him at Bradford's brunch. Daniel's surprised to hear that she's going, because of course he totally checked her RSVP. She says that since she has to be back at the office on Friday anyway, she figured what the hell. Of course Daniel's all about the brunch now. "Thanksgiving without family would be...Thursday," he flounders. Salma says she's bringing Hunter. Yes, that would be the boyfriend. Daniel pretends he can't wait to meet the guy, and as soon as Salma leaves, he flops back on his couch, facedown and half-sobbing. See, Daniel, aren't you glad you stuck around?

Telenovela time! The hot nun confronts the mulleted priest, who is not a priest after all, but Ramon Castillo, THIEF and MURDERER! She rips off his collar tab and holds up a newspaper clipping featuring a photo of Ramon Castillo in less priestly times. Lots of dramatic zoom-ins, while both actors suck in their cheeks at each other to avoid having them pierced by the camera lens. I almost think these sequences would be better without subtitles.

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