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Four Thanksgivings And A Funeral

At Casa Suarez, Justin takes a break from setting the table to dash into the kitchen and ask if he can sit between his dad and Christina at dinner: "I really want to ask her about Stella McCartney's spring line." "Great," Hilda says. "Your father will be so proud." Justin bops back out. Ignacio lectures Hilda on the proper way to make stuffing, but Hilda's not about to stick her new manicure in there. "Where's your sister?" Ignacio frets, taking over. "She's got hands like meat hooks." Aw, poor Hilda. The doorbell rings, and Justin runs in to say that his dad's there before running back out. Ignacio's grumpily surprised that Santos showed up: "I guess if we want him to leave, we just tell him you're pregnant and watch him run." Hilda tells Ignacio to be nice, reminding him that Santos is there in the first place to help pay for Ignacio to not get deported.

Meanwhile, Justin is letting in his dad, who looks impressed at how Justin's grown in the past year. He hands the kid a big gift-wrapped box, saying, "This is to make up for some lost time." Justin accepts it gratefully. Hilda comes out to greet him as well, and Santos hands over a bottle of wine. Santos says that the place looks the same as always, and makes his first misstep: "The only thing missing is the old man sleeping in front of the TV." The aforementioned old man comes in to say that's because he's busy cooking dinner. There's a long, awkward pause, and Santos says something polite to Ignacio. Instead of responding, Ignacio looks at Hilda, who looks back at him with a "be nice" look. Finally, Ignacio steps forward and shakes Santos's hand. "Glad you could make it," he lies. The scene ends before Ignacio can invite Santos into the kitchen, where all the knives are.

Betty has not only succeeded in tracking down that disgruntled client Gina was talking about -- she has also shown up on her front door. Betty introduces herself and says she wants to ask about Leah Stillman. The woman's glassy eyes go a bit wider as she asks if Betty's from the Bar Association, and what took so long. Betty says she was just thinking about hiring Leah, but gets pretty poor testimony: "She files some papers, takes all my money, and I never hear from her again." Betty looks alarmed. "She said I'd have them home by Thanksgiving," says Donna. Betty now looks sympathetic in addition to worried. "Thanksgiving isn't over yet," she doesn't say. Probably just as well.

Justin is opening the gift from his dad, and the contents demonstrate just how out of Justin's life Santos really is. Because it's all football stuff. Justin's game, though, excitedly calling his new Jets jersey a "costume." (Ignacio's a Giants fan, of course. Or at least he is when Santos is around.) Santos is all excited to show Justin the football that's also in the package, but Justin is too enamored of the nut cup that's in there as well. He holds it over one eye and goes dancing through the house, saying, "I'm the Phantom of the Opera." I wish we got to see Santos's reaction to that. Instead, Betty comes in. Santos, still holding the football, says, "Hey, look who's here!" and tosses it to Betty, who flinches, throwing up her forearms to protect her face. Or perhaps the ball. "Sorry," Santos says sheepishly, and tries to make friendly conversation with Betty about her being a "big career girl." Betty's got no time for friendly right now, though; she just sheds her parka (whoa! Nice overalls!) and blows past him looking for Hilda, hollering all the way into the kitchen: "I need! To talk to you! About!" Betty reaches the kitchen before she reaches "Leah," which is lucky because Leah is standing right there with Hilda. Leah's fake hello to Betty is a lot more convincing than the one she gets in return. Hilda says that she'll get the rest of Leah's money, and Betty goes, "Wait!," her hands flying out in front of her. One of those meat hooks strikes a plastic bowl, which goes flying along a horizontal trajectory to smack Justin in his girly-screaming face. Yes, I laughed. Betty drags Hilda upstairs to talk in private.

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