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Meanwhile, Alexis is learning that it's hard to be a woman, as evidenced by caked-on makeup, inappropriately exposed cleavage, and trouble walking in heels. Guess the two-year gap led her to believe Britney Spears was an appropriate model of femininity. And, seriously, didn't Alex maaaaybe think about the logistics of being a woman more than two years before he actually got Little Al chopped off for good? Daniel walks her into Mode, and says that although she doesn't remember the past two years, Alex was a fantastic editor, and that doesn't go away. They run into Amanda, who grabs Alexis for a mercy bathroom face scrubbing.

Elsewhere at Mode, Henry confabs with current accounting colleague and future music superstar Kenny. Betty walks up, and Kenny instantly notes that no DNA test results have come back yet. Betty actually wants to know if Henry will tutor Justin in Algebra. That is like an accountant's dream. He agrees.

Meanwhile, Marc sneaks in to Fey's Secret Love Dungeon, where Amanda and Halston are resting from the exhausting task of trying to find Amanda's father. She's done internet research and read all of Fey's diaries, but there's nada. Marc suggests getting some pictorial evidence, and notes that the back page of Mode was always filled with photos of Fey's social life. He tells her to look up who Fey was socializing with during the year of her birth. Please let it be Karl Lagerfeld.

Meanwhile, Wili is in the midst of terrorizing the rest of the editorial staff in a meeting when Daniel and Alexis enter. Alexis thanks everyone in advance for helping her to cope with her disability. You know, this would be the perfect time for Alexis to apply to be on America's Next Top Model. With the two co-editors back, Wili mentions that in a few weeks she'll be helping to run Meade Publications (and the Meade family). She throws it to Sheila, the future creative director currently known as Illeana Douglas, and exits.

Wili goes from the meeting to Bradford's office, where he has the nerve to complain about the frequency of her visits compared to Claire's. He begins to say, "Claire always spent her days..." and Wili finishes, "Drinking and murdering Fey." Well done, ma'am. She wants to talk business. Bradford wants to bone. Same old story, different lavender shirt for Bradford. Wili wants to familiarize herself with the other Meade Publications. Bradford wants a handjob. What does he do?

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