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And then, Wili begins her path of evil. More evil. She tells Daniel she approves of him losing the Atlantic Attire account. Mode has dozens of other loyal advertisers, and she and Daniel and Alexis are about to become family. And family sticks together. By this, she means she's going to superglue Daniel and Alexis together and set them on fire.

Daniel tells the Beek the Bigot to shove off. Wili gives him a supportive, yet underlyingly evil, smile.

Henry fills Betty in on his tutoring plans. He really loves Algebra. "Catch you later, calculator!" he says. And then Betty meets a mean-looking pregnant lady in a flannel. Oh, and did I mention that said lady has a chewed-up ear? Oh yeah, it is on.

When we return from commercials, the jig is up. It actually looks like Betty might soon be able to write a story about getting mauled by a freelance writer. She starts to explain to Bear Bait what happened, but Daniel comes in and takes the fall. He says it was his mistake that the article got sent to New York Review with Betty's name on it, and that Mode can't pass up the story. He offers her double her fee for it. Bear Nachos takes it, and Betty is off the hook. And seriously, it's about time Daniel saved Betty's ass. He still owes her, like, forty-two more ass-savings, but this is a good start.

Meanwhile, Henry shows up to his tutoring gig, only to find Justin making out! With a girl! Henry is shocked, and even more so to learn that they're drinking beer -- a gateway drug. Justin yells, "Back off, you're not my dad!," and rushes to his room. Where's Hilda?

Daniel gives Betty a good talking-to, and she lets him in on the fact that everyone knows about his fake-smile thumbs-up bit. He's surprised to learn that she did this because he didn't like her story, and wonders why his opinion means so much to her. He starts doing that "poor me" bit, and she starts doing that, "No, you DO deserve to be the editor-in-chief of Mode" bit, and finally realizes that this pep talk is supposed to be for her. Daniel tells Betty that it's okay to make mistakes; you just have to learn from them. He knows he does.

In other heartwarming news, Wili drops off the guest list from Studio 54 to Amanda, noting that she was a good assistant. She adds that Fey quit smoking during her pregnancy...eventually. And if that doesn't say love, what does? Commercials.

When we return, Alexis tells Daniel that he's the best brother in the world for standing up for her with the Beek. She adds that he's been taking care of her since the accident, which revs up Daniel's guilt engine. He admits that the accident is his fault, since he was drunk and spun out on pills, and Alexis was speeding to get him to the hospital. Too bad he didn't know about the whole Alexis-cutting-the-brakes-to-try-to-murder-Bradford bit. Alexis says that it was just an accident, and hugs Daniel.

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