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Meanwhile, potential Amanda daddy candidates include Ted Kennedy, Warren Beatty, and Ricardo Montalban. Oh my God, I bet it was Herve Villechaize! Amanda is determined to look at every one of their asses until she finds Tweety.

Elsewhere, Marc rushes in to Wili's office to let her know the rumor mill is swirling with news of the lost Atlantic Attire account. Now a bunch of other advertisers are considering pulling out because they think Mode is in trouble. And guess who started that rumor? Yes, it was Wili née Wanda! Because if anything should happen to Mode, there would be room at Meade Publications for...Slater magazine. Wili turns her secret wall to reveal a mockup, causing Marc to say, "Holy Rosie Oprah Martha." It will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of Mode, and of the old Wanda 'fro. Wili has the wonkiest eye I've ever seen as she burns the last remaining Wanda photo.

Meanwhile, back at Casa de Suarez, Henry freaks out to Betty about Justin's doings. Betty tells him to stop, saying that this is Hilda's responsibility. He says that he should know what to do, and he doesn't. And why does he need to know? Because he's going to be a father. Yep, as you'll see on tomorrow's Maury, the baby is Henry's. He's known for a couple of days, but didn't tell Betty because as long as she didn't know, he could hang on to the fantasy of true dork love. Betty tells him to go. Well, that's what happens when you knock someone else up. Tough love, Henry.

Back in her writing class, Betty admits that she lied about the bear story, and begins to read "Queen of My Own Prom." She is so going to fail that class.

Next week: Claire maybe takes out Wili.

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