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How Betty Got Her Grieve Back

Back at Mode, Marc has been mugged and, apparently, clubbed in the knee, and Wili has a black eye. She says that Claire isn't going away easily, and apparently she has friends. Wili thinks she needs protection.

At the hospital, Daniel sits outside of Alexis's room for a moment, and finally decides to enter. He starts talking to her, then starts crying, then says he's so sorry and that this should be him. And then Alexis says, "I'm thirsty." Daniel totally just brought her out of her coma! Cheesy. But then Alexis says to Daniel, "Why do you keep calling me Alexis? It's me, Alex." Oh, shit! Do not get all trannified and then fall into a coma, is the lesson we learned today.

Betty cooks at Casa de Suarez as Justin enters. She calls him out on his trolling around Mode. But it's all good, because Betty talked to Daniel and they need an intern for the few weeks before school starts. Justin is ecstatic, as am I. In the bedroom, Hilda and Santos talk about opening presents, before Santos says they can't stay in that room forever, and he has to go. Hilda asks for one more day, but Santos tells her it's going to be okay. They kiss and embrace. Betty knocks on the door and asks if there's any chance that Hilda wants to come down and help her and Justin make dinner. And then we see Hilda sitting alone in the dark. Oooh! It's totally reverse Bobby Ewing. Sad times. Hilda says, "He's gone, Betty," then acknowledges that's the first time she's said that out loud. Betty holds Hilda, who cries. I think I underestimate Ana Ortiz as an actress, because I totally got teary during this scene.

And then, Henry steps out of a bus and into Times Square. Is that a paternity test in his suitcase, or is he just happy to be in New York?

Next week: Too much stimulus, I have no idea what's going on. The one beam of light bursting through the fog is Wilhelmina scowling and saying, "I smell a burrito." Awesome.

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