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Icing On The Cake

Betty runs downstairs and asks what the noise was. Poor Dr. Farkas is finally leaving. Betty asks him to stay, promising pie, but Dr. Farkas says it's obvious that she still has feelings for Henry. Betty tries to deny it, to no avail. Betty apologizes. She says that Dr. Farkas is a great guy, but that she asked him out for all the wrong reasons. He says that it's okay, and that he should probably know better than to date his patients anyway -- especially the cute ones. Oh, I love Dr. Farkas! And think of how much Betty would save on orthodontist bills! He begins to leave and says that he'll see Betty at her appointment next month, before poking his head back through the door and saying, "Here's looking at you, kid," which Betty correctly identifies as Casablanca. See, they're sweet together! You know who agrees with me on that? Claire, even though she thinks that Betty and Dr. Farkas are sticky as well. She notes that time is running out, and that she needs her damn credit card. Can she seriously not get one of her own? Ponder this as we head to commercials.

When we return, Betty tries to pass off a library card as a credit card, but Claire is wise to Betty's bumbling ways. She's losing patience, and asks Betty whether she's called Daniel. Betty says that she did, and that if Claire really did kill Fey, her family has to deal with this. Claire says that there's not much of a family left. Her husband spent twenty years in love with another woman who flaunted it in front of her. She watched the man she loved love someone else. Hey, that sounds familiar! Betty has a good precedent if she wants to off Charlie. Claire says that it killed her, and asks Betty to promise not to make the same mistake she did. Betty promises, but looks pretty freaked out. Claire sits down on the couch and asks what she should do. Betty doesn't know, but she doesn't think that running away is the answer, because whatever Claire is running from will keep following her. She says that maybe they both have to be strong and face the things they don't want to face, no matter how scary they are, because that's the only way they can live with themselves. Claire smiles and grasps Betty's hand as she says that Betty is a smart girl. She then tells Betty that she needs to make a phone call. She's probably going to try to order room service.

Cut to helicopters flying above the Suarez house, and reporters on the scene. Claire has turned herself in for the murder of Fey Sommers, and is being arrested. Alexis and Daniel are both there. A reporter says that Grace Chin has removed herself from the case.

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