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Marc enters and tells Wili that she showed Alexis who the alpha diva was. Wili says that she's glad Alexis is giving Daniel a chance, because she's sure he'll disappoint her...they'll make sure of it. Marc says, "Lady, you give me chills," and then totally gets the chills and has to excuse himself.

Meanwhile, Betty is sitting on top of her desk, which also contains tons of dental products. She tells Daniel that her orthodontist is always way too generous, and he replies that someone has a crush on her. This moment is interrupted by Amanda, who comes waddling in wearing "The Amanda," which is not only waaaaay too tight but seriously compromises the mobility of all of her limbs. Daniel asks what the hell it is, and she tells him that it's an Oswald Lorenzo named after her. She then waddles off. Prepare for her to waddle in and out of scenes periodically throughout the episode. Betty tells Daniel that Grace Chin called the previous night after he left and said that she needed to talk to him, and that it was important. Daniel says that he already saw her, and Betty curiously asks if he had a breakfast meeting. He did, and says that he saw Grace before that. She asks if he wasn't at the gym before the breakfast meeting, and he says it was after that. He yells at Betty to stop giving him the third degree, and she apologizes and says that she's very involved in his schedule. But really, Betty can smell pork from a mile away. She picks a hair off of Daniel's suit, and he says he stood next to someone named Michelle on the elevator. Betty asks if Michelle isn't on maternity leave. Daniel finally confesses that he's boinking The Chin, and tells Betty not to let anyone -- especially Alexis -- know. Betty buttons her lip, but asks if Daniel thinks that it's a good idea. He says that it's not, and that he didn't mean for it to happen, but that it's fun and he'll cool it off before the trial starts. Daniel notes that Betty's giving him the "I'm so disappointed in you" look again. She apologizes, and says that it just happens. Daniel says that he likes Grace, and then notes that they just got in the new Catherine Malandrino collection. He asks Betty to have Christina pick something out, because Grace will like that. Please. That woman is 4'10".

Betty goes to the closet, where Christina says that this is the third piece Daniel's sent to Grace, and that it's a serious pain in the ass, but that she could understand it if Daniel and Grace were shagging. Betty says that they're not, but Christina is wise to the ways of the world. Betty asks Christina not to tell anyone. Christina says that she won't, and then adds that a missing dress is nothing compared to the murders and sex changes happening in the Meade Family. Good point. Speaking of scandals, in walks Henry with a map to Charlie's party, which is in the West Village. He and Betty give their patented gaze of thwarted dork love, and Christina has to interrupt and note that she's been there the whole time. Henry leaves, and Betty says that she knows what Christina's thinking, but that they're just friends. Christina scornfully says that Betty's going to Henry's girlfriend's birthday party when Henry broke Betty's heart. Betty denies that her heart was broken, but Christina pulls the Kleenex trail out of the garbage for proof. It's like the bread crumbs leading back to emotional truth, but more viscous. Christina asks why Betty would do this to herself, and Betty says that it's because she doesn't want to lose Henry as a friend. She's an adult, she says, and can rise above this. Christina says that fair enough, but tells Betty to get a date for the night.

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