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So who does Betty get on the phone? Yep, her orthodontist. Better than Craig's List, I guess. She says that she needs to come in again because her wire snapped. She then has Christina go at her with a pair of wire clippers. Who knew Betty was such a schemer? Watch out, boy, she'll chew you up. And then have to clean her hardware with a Water Pik. Commercials.

When we return, Alexis stomps down the hall at Mode. She angrily bursts into a meeting Daniel is leading and yells at him that they have a big problem. He calmly tells her that they're in the middle of a staff meeting, and she whispers to him that it's about their father. Daniel excuses himself.

Out in the hallway, Alexis says that Grace Chin is representing their father, and that she's never lost a case. Daniel asks if that is so bad, and whether Alexis really wants their father to spend the rest of his life in prison. Alexis says that Bradford's a murderer, and then asks Daniel if he knew about this. Daniel says of course he didn't, and that he doesn't even know "this Grace Chin woman." Again with the smoothness. Daniel reminds Alexis that Bradford is still their father, and she in turn reminds him that Bradford is the man who made Daniel feel worthless his whole life, drove their mother to drink hand sanitizer, and told Alexis that he'd rather see her dead than in a dress. Okay: Alexis 3, Daniel 1. Alexis says that Bradford is a monster, and the two siblings part ways. Marc, who has been watching the whole thing, notes with delight that it's juicy. Amanda comes waddling in, and he tells her that Alexis is one angry she-male. Amanda asks what she missed, and tries to run to the action, but falls over. Marc says he would have told her what happened.

Meanwhile, Betty is back at the orthodontist's office. Dr. Farkas suspiciously confirms her story that she snapped her wire eating a bagel. She says that she did, and he asks if the knife was still in it. Betty laughs and tells Dr. Farkas that he's funny. She adds that he has really good breath. Oh, Betty and her Neanderthal flirting skills. Do you think she picked that up by reading The Rules? Dr. Farkas says that good breath and trimmed nose hairs are pretty much required for the job. I will never think of Dr. Conlin, the orthodontist of my youth, in the same way again. Dr. Farkas asks if he can trust Betty this time, and she really steps up to the plate and says that he might have to have dinner with her to make sure that she doesn't eat anything too dangerous. Dr. Farkas says that maybe he will, given that there's a lot of dangerous foods out there, like...apples. Betty then gives him a meaningful look and actually says, "...and carrots." Ewwwwwwww! He adds, "...and corn on the cob," before asking if Betty is asking him out. Betty says no, if he doesn't want to. But, in fact, he wants to, and says sure. Betty and her repaired wire smile.

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