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Icing On The Cake

Back at Mode, Betty tells Daniel that she called Grace Chin's office, and that her assistant said that Grace was picking up a witness at the Grand Regent. Ruh-roh. Daniel freaks out. Betty asks what the big deal is, and Daniel says that Grace is going to talk to Brandy Shaloo. Betty does not know what's going on.

Meanwhile, Wili and Marc have figured out that Daniel has been lying to Alexis about Bradford's case the whole time, and that the fact that he's boinking Grace is just the icing on the cake. Marc yells, "Yummy!" and waves his arms up in the air like he doesn't care. Wili tells him he's being too gay. She instructs Marc to follow Daniel everywhere, because if Marc can get proof of the affair, she can pit Alexis against Daniel. Is it wrong that I'm rooting for Wilhelmina? I just want her to be happy. Marc says that Alexis and Daniel will be so busy taking each other down, they won't even notice her taking over. "Fly, my pretty! Fly!" says Wili, and Marc notes that she's perhaps the gayest of all. Wili has a look of evil glee as we head to commercials.

When we return, Grace Chin is totally taking a statement from a martini-swilling Claire at a restaurant. She asks how long Bradford was having an affair with Fey Sommers, and Claire asks when that MC Hammer guy was hitting the scene. I just got the weirdest visual of Bradford seducing Fey while wearing Hammer pants. I can't, and wouldn't, touch that. Daniel comes barging in awkwardly, and Claire quietly says, "Oh, crap." That's the kind of reaction you want your entrance to elicit from your mom, isn't it? Daniel pretends to be surprised that Claire is back. He asks Grace how she ever found her, and Grace says that she called Claire's house, and the housekeeper told her that Claire was at the Grand Regent. Claire says that her testimony will really help Bradford. Daniel asks if he can sit in, and Grace says that she really needs to get through her questions. Grace tells Claire that if she puts Claire on the stand, Grace will have to ask about Claire's feelings for Fey Sommers. Claire laughs that Fey was a conniving, manipulative little bitch who deserved...and before she can finish, Daniel finishes her sentence: "...a little forgiveness and understanding, right?" Way to play it smooth again, whitey. Grace and Claire both glare at him, and then Grace leaves to take a call. Claire tells Daniel not to yell at her. He says that he won't, but she knows that she was supposed to stay away from Grace. Claire says that she won't incriminate herself, and that Daniel has to trust her judgment. Daniel sarcastically says that her judgment has been terrific so far, and that if not for what she did, none of them would be in this situation. She says that she's just trying to help, and Daniel tells her to go back to the hotel and stay out of the way. He asks how much more damage she wants to do to the family. Hey, that's mean. But then again, she may have killed a lady. Family dynamics are always so complicated! Claire gets teary as we pan to a menu in front of someone's face. It's Marc! He's been watching the whole time.

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