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Previously: Hilda neglected to tell Betty that her future boyfriend Henry called to clear up a misunderstanding involving him kissing a model at the Mode Christmas party, thus earning the ire of a lot of folks who really, really want to see those two together. Ignacio gave Constance, his INS worker, a bedazzled mug, and she was verily moved. Christina sold her soul to the devil. Okay, to Wilhelmina. Close enough. Daniel told Betty that he didn't think of his brother, Alex, as being gone. And there's good reason for that -- he's not. Rather, he's now a lady, and a hot one at that. Let the shenanigans begin!

Hey, a stripper! At first I thought it was going to be Alex/is and I got all excited. Rather, it's the telenovela that a cookie-dough gnawing Hilda is watching while sitting in her bathrobe. Betty hurriedly enters the kitchen, gets a beep, clicks her ear, and says, "Betty Suarez!" Ignacio says that he knows, because he named her. Betty pulls away her hair to reveal an earpiece, and says that it's for Fashion Week. Things have been crazy because Daniel's in charge of the Mode show. Betty tells the person on the phone that Daniel asked for black tablecloths. When the person asks what color napkins to use, Betty is at a loss until Justin calmly tells her to get silver, because black will make them pop. If there were no child labor laws, Justin would make a really good assistant to Daniel Meade. Ignacio asks what Fashion Week is. An annoyed Justin says that it's only the most important event in the industry, when the buyers get their first look at the fall lines. He asks Ignacio if he's going to have to explain couture again. Ignacio asks him not to. Oh my God, it has all become clear to me now. Justin should totally replace Jay Manuel on America's Next Top Model.

Meanwhile, Hilda watches TV. She loudly says that the formerly observed stripper got a job right away. Yesterday she was a nun, and today she's wearing pasties. Hilda, wearing pasties as a matter of course, really has no place to go at this point. Betty tells Hilda that she'll get a job, and Hilda asks if they need any help at Mode. Betty says that she really wants to help, but that they're filled up. Ignacio quietly asks Betty if there isn't anything Hilda could do, and Betty says that they can't work together, reminding him of the Lemon Ice King disaster. Ignacio says that it was a long time ago and wasn't her fault, to which Betty replies that Hilda refused to wear a hair net, some guy choked on her bobby pin, and Betty was the one who got fired. Sounds about right. Betty says that she loves Hilda, but that it's not a good fit. She gets another call and whispers to Justin that it's Victoria Beckham. Justin says, "You're talking to Posh?" and Betty says that she's talking to people who talk to Posh. I think that actually sounds better than talking to Posh directly. She kind of scares me. Justin dreamily says that Betty rules. Indeed.

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