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Previously: through some accidental sleuthing, Betty discovered that Sofia was totally playing Daniel for a publicity stunt. Then Daniel and the rest of the world discovered that same fact on-air. So, you know, the engagement's off. Wilhelmina and the Bandage Lady made plans to take over Meade enterprises sooner rather than later, and Betty quit her job at MYW on account of how Sofia is such a shady skank. And then Daniel disappeared!

We enter on mariachi music playing as Betty sits at a restaurant table with Igancio and Justin. There is a sombrero-like device full of chips and salsa in front of them. Ignacio says he knows that Betty is upset about leaving her big New York job, but that she has to eat something. Betty rues the day she took the position at Sofia's stupid magazine, and wishes she had stayed at Mode. Justin agrees; he misses the swag. I love that kid. Hilda comes in looking upset and sits down at the table, asking if there's a sign on her forehead that reads, "Crap here." That would explain some stuff. She explains that there's been an Herbalux recall, and complains that it's just because some housewives in Secaucus lost all their hair. Ignacio asks why they don't just change the ingredients in their shampoo, and Hilda says that the housewives were using the hand cream. It's like that time that spinach in a bag killed people. In any case, the FDA is recalling the whole line, which means that Hilda is out of a job. Justin helpfully suggests that Oprah could adopt them. The 'prah would actually probably totally love that. She'd be all, "Take THAT, Homewrecker Jolie." Ignacio says, with some concern, that he uses that hand cream. And that's why his knuckles are so smooth and hairless. Hilda wonders what she will do. She has bills, bills, bills, car payments, and two handfuls of nails to pay for. Betty starts to empathize with a story that begins, "When I left Mode..." but Hilda cuts her off, saying that it's totally different: Herbalux is all Hilda has, whereas Betty already has another job. And then, it happens. A guy comes over and tells Betty to get moving, because Table 4 wants their chips. Betty picks up the chip-filled sombrero and puts it on her head, sarcastically saying that she forgets just how lucky she is. Okay, is it just me, or is having a sombrero full of chips that has been (a) picked over by the waitress's family, and (b) sitting on the waitress's non-Herbaluxed head kind of unsanitary? And also, how sad is it that the green turtleneck under white peasant blouse seems like it could just be part of Betty's normal wardrobe?

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